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Professional Postcard Printing Services

example of postcard printing featuring a moving theme
Example of one of our thousands of online postcard design templates which you can customize with your own images and text.

Are you searching for a fast and inexpensive way to have professional full-color postcards printed and direct mail postcards shipped?

We've been printing affordable custom postcards since 1992 and have been chosen by our customers to help with their wholesale postcard printing orders online. Expresscopy postcards offer:

  • $70 for 100 4x6 postcards
  • both sides, full-color postcards
  • Same-day turnaround for our postcard printing services
  • Order small batches of postcards, such as ten postcards or large packs of postcards
  • You can select and customize one of our online templates for free or upload your own!

After your postcards have been printed, we ship them to you via your choice of UPS Next Day Air or UPS Ground. Many postcard printing services ordered in the morning are shipped the same day, at no extra "rush" charge, so you won’t have to pay more in addition to the postcard printing price.

Looking for direct mail marketing postcards (where we print and mail directly to your customers)?

There Are Many Postcard Sizes to Choose From

Regular Postcards - 4.25” x 5.6”

This one is often called a 4 x 6 postcard, but the finished card is 4 1/4 inches by 5 6/10 tenths inches. We usually call them "regular" postcards.

Jumbo Postcards - 5.5” x 8.5”

This type is the same size as a sheet of office paper folded in half from bottom to top. Jumbo postcards are twice the size of a "regular" 4x6 postcard, so if you need to create a more significant impact, this size will help.

Panoramic Postcards - 5.75” x 11.25”

This postcard size is a tad longer and wider than a sheet of standard office paper folded in half lengthwise. This size and wide format will stand out when used for marketing purposes, and it's also a great size and shape for special cards and menus.

Giant Postcards - 8.5” x 11”

If you recognize these dimensions, it's because they're the exact sizing as a standard sheet of office paper. We are able to print postcards in this size, but if you're looking for something this size or larger, you may also want to check the brochure printing options we offer.

A Variety of Postcard Templates

Create Your Postcard Online

Are you ready to order postcard printing services but don't have a finished design? With our high-quality stock postcards, there’s no problem!

Use our online postcard template system and select a design from our system. You can add pictures, text, QR codes, and logos using simple forms, and viola! There are also many postcard design sizes available, so you can find the right one to suit your needs. The postcard you put together is ready for printing in no time at all. Using our design tools and online postcard templates is free of charge, and you only pay for the postcards that we print for you. You check out postcard design templates here.

Show me the postcard design templates

Upload Your Own Postcard Design

If you or a coworker is a graphic design genius that has already whipped up an eye-popping postcard design in Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Illustrator (or any other program which can export to Adobe PDF), then ordering postcard printing services online from Expresscopy will be a breeze. Just upload your finished design using a form and let us know how many you want, whether it is a small batch of postcards or a large batch of postcards, and where to send them.

Suppose you're still working on a postcard design or are about to upload one. In that case, we recommend that you look at our Postcard Print Specifications page for essential details about postcard design sizes, margins, bleeds, resolutions, and color profiles.

You don't have to worry if your design is already finished and you're unsure what a color profile is. Our VIP Support team is happy to assist you in crossing the finish line by phone at 800-260-5887, by email at, or by live chat.

Paper Options for Wholesale Postcard Printing

Laminated Cover Stock

We can apply a high-gloss lamination to our standard cover stock after it is printed to make glossy postcards. Lamination will not only add shine, but durability as well, which can be very helpful when your postcard printing order is going to be mailed, or if it will be something that you want people to keep around for a long time (calendars, schedules, flashcards, phone directories, reusable coupons, etc.)

If you intend to address and mail postcards yourself, know that adhesive labels may not adhere to the lamination, and this stock cannot run through a postage meter or desktop printer. If you wish to mail laminated postcards yourself, your best bet is our "print and address" postcard printing service. See our direct mail marketing postcards page for additional information.

Although laminated postcards are ideal for many reusable items, they may not be suitable for some single-use printed pieces; glossy postcards look great and are also durable, but they cannot be recycled curbside in many cities.

Uncoated Heavy Card Stock

Our "heavy" card stock is a 10pt paper stock, which is heavier than the greeting cards at the supermarket. A "point" is a thousandth of an inch in printing terminology, so a 10 pt paper stock is ten-thousandths of an inch thick. While it may not sound like much, it makes for a very hefty postcard which is sure to be noticed.

TIP: Postcards printed and left uncoated have a smooth, matte surface, and colors come out looking bright and clear, with a surface you can write on with a pen or pencil.

Uncoated Cover Stock

Uncoated cover stock is somewhat similar to the feel and weight of typical greeting cards. If left uncoated, this stock still has rich colors but is smooth and matte (not shiny). This is an excellent combination of weight and durability for postcard-sized printed pieces you intend to hand out rather than mail.

If you have any questions about what any of our postcard stock options look or feel like that would be best answered in person, we would love to send you a free sample packet of our postcard printing options. Request FREE samples today

Postcard Printing Mailing Options


We use "shipping" to refer to a postcard printing order where once everything is printed, we box it all up and ship it out to you. You're free to call it whatever you want, but know that if you see "shipped" rather than "mailed," it means you're expecting a big box of beautiful high-quality stock postcards delivered to your door.

Are you ready to learn more about the postcard printing prices of our affordable custom postcards? Order custom postcards today and discover the difference of using Expresscopy for your business!

Address and Mail My Postcards, Too postcards can be addressed and mailed directly to customers, too. Information about these services is available on our direct mail marketing postcards page.

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