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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Ordering Custom Flyer & Brochure Online Work?

Ordering your flyers or brochures online is easy! Our system is designed to allow you to start from scratch and have your order ready to be shipped to you within a matter of minutes.

If you have already decided just what your flyer needs to look like and have it laid out in a program you like such as Microsoft® Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, or Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator or InDesign, you can simply export your flyer design from that program as a PDF and upload it to us for printing. If you're just starting your design, take a peek at our flyer and brochure specs and starter files to speed the process along.

Many other customers don't want to design from scratch, and prefer the ease of using our template system to create a design right in their browser. Find the category or theme that's relevant to your business, select a template that you like, and use simple forms to add your own text, logos and images. You'll have a fully customized design that's ready to print within minutes, with no design skill required.

What Sizes Are Available?

Size 1: Letter 8.5" x 11" Flyers & Brochures

Just like a sheet of office paper. The letter size is excellent for handing out as flyers, as well as commonly used for tri-fold brochures.

Size 2: Legal 8.5" x 14" Flyers & Brochures

Just like a sheet of legal paper. The legal size works well when folded in half width-wise for use in booklets, or makes an excellent menu card.

Size 3: Tabloid 11" x 17" Flyers & Brochures

Just like two sheets of office paper side-by-side. The tabloid size for brochures printing is a good option if you are making larger unfolded items like posters, or, if you're making a folded item, like a booklet. Tabloid brochures, when folded in half, are the same size as a sheet of office paper.

Can flyers be mailed directly to my customers or prospects?

If you would like to mail flyers directly to recipients (for example, your customer or prospect list, or by purchasing targeted mailing lists from us) please visit the order custom postcards section and select the Giant Postcard size. It's the same size as our letter flyer shown on this page, but since it will be mailed, we think of it as a postcard.

If you would like to send a folded piece such as a sales brochure or a folded postcard directly to a mailing list, please contact our customer service team at 800-260-5887 for assistance.

How Much Does It Cost?

Having print your flyers or brochures can save you money. Flyers can cost as little as $.37 ea, but most are around $.60 for full color, both sides. The size of the flyer, the quantity you order and other options like whether you want printing on both sides may increase or decrease the price per card slightly - our brochures and flyers pricing page has all the details. We're sure when you compare the costs to using your own paper and ink and tying up the office printer for a day or two, you'll find to be a more affordable solution, plus we can do great things your office printer may not be able to, like folding, printing on heavy cardstock.

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How Long Will My Order Take?

Orders placed by noon Pacific time are shipped the same business day, orders placed after noon ship the next business day. We don't charge extra for "rush" orders, because every order is a rush order. Time is money, as they say, and we start to work on every order as soon as it is received to save you both. Real people will review your print and address files before they go to press to spot any issues needing attention, which is big part of why customers love our quality, as well as our speed.

Other Questions?

We want to hear from you! Whether you have a brochure or flyer printing need that you don't want to hunt down an answer for on our FAQ, or just want to call to ask about the weather, our call center in Portland, Ore. is staffed with people who genuinely want to help.

You can call us Mon-Fri 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM Pacific Time at 1-800-260-5887, use our Live Chat or send us an email anytime to and we'll respond during business hours.