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Design and print flyers, brochures & pamphlets, newsletters, event announcements, posters, maps to your location, and more online. Customize one of our free, online designs, or upload your own print file in almost any format!

All of our brochures and flyers include:

  • Full-color, digital printing (2 sided)
  • Your choice of ground or overnight shipping
  • Same day turnaround
  • Low minimum orders
full-color flyers and brochures

Brochures Printing Size Options

Letter: 8 x 1/2" x 11"

Just like a sheet of office paper. The letter size is excellent for handing out as flyers, as well as commonly used for tri-fold brochures.

Legal: 8 x 1/2" x 14"

Just like a sheet of legal paper. The legal size works well when folded in half width-wise for use in booklets, or makes an excellent menu card.

Tabloid: 11" x 17"

Just like two sheets of office paper side-by-side. The tabloid size for brochures printing is a good option if you are making larger unfolded items like posters, or, if you're making a folded item, like a booklet. Tabloid brochures, when folded in half, are the same size as a sheet of office paper.

Brochures Printing Paper Stocks

Premium Bond

Our premium bond is a 28 lb. paper, which is a little heavier than common office paper for an impressive feel, and improved durability. This paper stock is a good option for brochures or newsletters that require folding.

Cover Stock

Is a heavier, more durable option than our premium bond. This paper stock, with an 8 x 1/2" x 11" flyer, makes a good size and durability option for a card or small menu.

Heavy Cover

The heaviest stock we offer.

Folding, Gluing, Scoring & Perforating for Brochures

In the printing business, these services are referred to as "bindery". All of the services below can be performed on any of our brochures or flyers. There is a small set up fee, and per-piece fee for these services that is not reflected in the general printing prices, but they generally add only pennies per sheet. More information about our bindery services is available on our bindery services page.


Brochures folding

Once your brochure or newsletter is printed, it can be folded in a variety of ways that make it more presentable, portable, easier to mail or hand out.

We offer a variety of common brochure folding options, including tri-fold and broadside folding but can generally accommodate most types and numbers of folds.

Gluing (Glue Dot Sealing)

If you have a brochure that is folded and wish to mail it, glue dot sealing keeps the exposed ends of the fold from opening up during mailing.


Scoring for printed brochures and newsletters is very helpful when you wish to fold the printed piece. In general, scoring makes the fold easier and cleaner, with fewer of those little jagged paper edges that can sometimes result from folding paper. And, if your brochure or newsletter includes folds that will be in the middle of large areas of darker colors, scoring your printed piece before folding will leave more of the color in the fold intact.

Tip: If you need your brochures or newsletters to look their very best, be sure to specify scoring for any pieces you wish to have folded. Brochures can be folded without scoring, and you can save a little money by skipping it, but it is the surest way to get the most professional result.


Use perforation for your flyer or newsletter when you want your finished printed piece to include a tear-off coupon or a comment card. Our perforations remain rigid, but tear off easily.

Brochures & Flyers Design Options

Create Your Flyer Online

If you need to order a new poster, flyer, newsletter or brochure, but don't have a finished design or a way to make one yourself, don't worry. You can use our online templates to customize your brochures or flyers to suit your needs. Just choose a category that matches your industry, select a product type of "flyer" and fill out some simple forms to customize the design with your information.

Upload Your Own Design

file specs

Will you (or someone who works for you) be designing your newsletters or brochures? For the very best results, before you start your design (or before you upload it) please see our Flyer & Brochure Specifications page for important details about dimensions, margins and bleeds. Following the specifications helps to ensure that your design prints as you intended and your brochures come out looking great.

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