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Building a Real Estate Business With Direct Mail

Case Study: Nan & Wade Gilley

biplane productions Customer: Nan & Wade Gilley
Company: National Realty
Industry: Real Estate Agents

The Challenge: "We entered the real estate business seven years ago and for some time we struggled."  Nan and Wade knew plenty about real estate, but lacked a coherent marketing plan to bring them a steady stream of prospective clients."

The Design: Nan and Wade's office produces its own postcard designs.

The List: For each mailing, Nan and Wade target area home owners "who might be interested in selling at some point." To do this they purchase a custom Mailing List targeting existing homeowners in a specific Zip code who have have a lived in that neighborhood for more than four years.

The Campaign: "We normally send out roughly 2,000 postcards a month to targeted home owners and former clients. We send more than 20,000 per year."

The Results: "We moved from the lower rungs of the real estate professionals to the top Realtor Team in the Reston, Virginia Town Center and in Zip code 20190 strictly through the use of post cards mailed via  We have found this to be a very efficient and cost-effective way to advertise. Usually, when we have a listing appointment we will meet a home owner who produces several of our color post cards. We have become known as top realtors who know how to market homes and people who get these cards routinely refer us to their friends and associates.  We sell about $20 million dollars in real estate each year including the current year where we were over $14 million as of July 1, 2009."

Why "We give a lot of credit for this success as it is our only marketing program. They are easy to work with and provide multiple options at good prices.  We find they deliver the cards to our clients in a very timely and cost effective way. Other companies have gotten into this business since we started with expresscopy but we are sticking with them because of the success we have enjoyed over the past five years."