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Sometimes It's Not What You Say...It's What You Don't

Case Study: Gloria Howell of Gate City Real Estate

gate city real estate Customer: Gloria Howell
Company: Gate City Real Estate
Industry: Real Estate Agent

The Challenge: Gloria was looking for a way to generate more calls from her Just Listed postcards.

The Campaign: "We mail out 100 'Just Listed' and 'Just Sold' postcards on all of our listings, distributing them to the surrounding neighborhood.  It's a great way to prospect a neighborhood for new clients when you already have their neighbor's home listed!"

The Design: Gloria's Pocatello, ID office created their own, full-bleed Just Listed and Just Sold postcards, devoting the entire front of the card to the property photo.  Read on for her clever, somewhat unconventional idea to generate extra phone inquiries.

The List: Geographic Targeted Mailing Lists covering the neighborhood surrounding each listing.  She also makes sure the seller receives a card so they see that she's working hard for them: "Our sellers think our marketing is great and a cut above the rest because they see a full color postcard (front & back) with a picture of their home on it within a week of listing with us."

The Results: More inquiries from potential buyers and happy sellers who see their agent working hard on their behalf!

Why The ability to upload her own, custom designs, vibrant full-color printing, and our lightning-fast turnaround are the reasons Gloria cites why she depends on  "We use your product several times a month and we have received rave feedback from our clients!  Thank you for helping make our business run smoothly and to keep our clients satisfied!"

Sometimes It's Not What You Say, It's What You DON'T Say:

Gloria shared a bold, little idea for her Just Listed mailings:  "We intentionally leave the price off the postcard but include many other details about the home.  This triggers calls because the most important thing people want to know in real estate is 'how much is it?'"

Think about it: how often do you think potential clients walk by one of your best listings, peek at the property flyer and think "woah, too rich for my blood!"  They might love the home, but suffering from sticker shock, they leave the flyer and walk away, never contacting you.  Maybe the seller's asking price has some wiggle room, or maybe you have other comparable, but less expensive, listings you could show them.  You'll never have the chance, because advertising the price created a sales objection and you didn't have the opportunity to overcome that objection.

Test out Gloria's price-less postcard card on a couple upcoming listings and see how it works for you.  Particularly if you think your sellers might be asking a little too much, or if property values in the area are all over the board, omitting the price might lead to a few fact-finding phone calls that then lead to fresh clients!