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Case Study: Miracle Method of Central Ohio

re/max northwest realtors Customer: Emily Sayles
Company: Miracle Method of Central Ohio
Industry: Home Services & Remodeling Franchisee

The Challenge: Emily is Sales Manager for a local kitchen and bath refinishing franchise.  Franchises are in a unique position because they are generally responsible for their own local marketing, yet they also have to conform to branding and advertising guidelines set by their parent company.  Fortunately, is a perfect marketing solution for franchise-based businesses.  For Miracle Method and many other businesses, we can provide integrated direct mail solutions that work for both parties, from easy, flexible design file upload, all the way to private label portals for corporate-level efforts.  "Miracle Method of Central Ohio was very excited when our corporate office partnered with After evaluating the cost per piece, postage, and the quality of the laminated postcards, it was simply a no brainer."

The Design: hosts corporately approved Miracle Method designs inside a private label portal that individual franchisees like Emily can customize for use in their local area.  Emily has been thrilled that's full-color, digital printing does her company's professional designs justice.

The List: In addition to their carefully maintained internal marketing database, Emily and Miracle Method have made excellent use of's Targeted Mailing Lists to reach new commercial prospects.  Geographic targeting is, of course, important for local franchises, but adding demographic selects really unleashes the power of Targeted Mailing Lists.  And, best-in-the-industry data from infoGroup, automatic de-duping, and free CASS certification ensure that not a single marketing dollar is wasted.

The Campaign: "I am a firm believer in the principle behind direct mail: to stay in front of the client.  Miracle Method of Central Ohio sends out mailings each month. We use our own database that we have developed over the past 11 years. Each month we can easily review who we touched base with and track our mailings. Our primary use at this time is directed towards our commercial clients, but, I am looking forward to developing additional materials with that will allow us to reach out to our residential clients."

The Results: "Miracle Method has picked up new clients and we have had existing clients contact us for additional services. How do we know it was from the mailing? - Miracle Method always ask new clients how they located us. The existing clients simply tell us, they received the piece but were unaware that we repaired fiberglass, or refinished counter tops. Yes, you have to tell someone 10 times before they finally hear you."

Why " is an asset in communicating our services to our clients.  The quality of the graphics and the size of the laminated postcards far surpass what we were using.  It is a piece that is posted on a bulletin board to remind the receiver to contact us. They may not need us that day, but the impact of the piece is powerful enough to hang on to, for when they do."

Interested in's corporate solutions? If you are a franchise-based business, or need to deploy and manage direct mail campaigns across multiple offices, contact us directly to learn more about's affiliate, partner and portal solutions.  We'll help you create a custom program that fits your business.