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Why Direct Mail?

In today’s increasingly digital marketplace, direct mail is actually increasing its value for a number of reasons:

It’s Direct

Unlike more traditional forms of marketing like print or broadcast advertising, direct mail enables you to reach the specific people you want to, allowing you to control costs and make a positive impact on the right prospect.  Keep in one-to-one contact with existing customers and prospects, or market only to those businesses or consumers that match the exact geographic and demographic criteria you define.

Makes Eye Contact

Compared to other efforts, such as sales calls or email marketing, a direct mail piece won’t get held up by Spam filters, caller ID or answering machines.  Email read rates are going down as Spam filters get more aggressive.  With the rise of cell phones, home phone lines are going the way of the Dodo bird.  On the other hand, while most people may go through their mail quickly, they always go through it!

Targeting = Affordable & Effective

By targeting who you mail to, you spend money on only those who will be more likely to convert, keeping your spending lower and your results higher.  And, while the costs of online, pay-per-click advertising can balloon to $10 or more per keyword, direct mail remains extremely affordable.

Simple-to-Use & Lightning-Fast’s design and order system is entirely Web-based.  Access it at home or in the office, any time of day or night.  Create your marketing piece and select your recipients in just minutes and you’re done! will have your order printed, addressed, and mailed the same day.  With USPS First-Class mailing times of 3-5 days, your campaign can be in your customers’ hands within a week!

Complements Other Sales/Marketing Efforts

Direct mail can significantly complement and improve the effectiveness of other sales/marketing efforts such as phone, Web, print, email, or SMS.  A postcard mailing campaign can establish familiarity in advance of a sales call, or it can provide a tangible follow-up to an email campaign.  Multiple contacts through multiple channels will always be more effective than a single-channel approach.