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When it comes to summer marketing postcards we have everything you might need from seasonal tips, holiday postcards and retail focused ideas!

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Boost Your Summer Sales

Everyone knows that sunny summer weather brings smiles to everyone around, but unless you’re selling beach towels and swimsuits, it often also leads to slower sales.  Here are some great marketing tips to generate more business from customers and prospects in the summer months:


Send Out Local Event Calendars

These are the months when people really want to spend time outside.  Make a great impression by sending out monthly calendars highlighting local events.  Not only do you get to show that you are connected to the local area, but these types of pieces will have a longer “shelf life,” meaning your name and contact information stays in the hands of the recipient much longer than a traditional promotional piece.


Do a Co-op Promotion

A simple, but really effective, way to do this is by partnering with a company that offers fun summer things to do.  An example would be if a real estate agent worked out a deal to offer one free round of golf to their customers or prospects at a local golf club.  The agent is looked highly upon by providing something of value that’s also fun, and the golf course gets a chance to showcase their course to new people, leading to repeat visits.  It’s a win-win for both parties and leaves a long-lasting memory to the recipients.


Run a Summer Contest

The first word that comes to most people’s minds when they think of summer is "fun," which is exactly why contests are so popular in the summer months.  The first thing to think of when running a contest is to clearly identify what business/sales goal you’d like to accomplish.  It could be as simple as getting more traffic to your Website or storefront, or it could be something more specific like trying to increase referrals.  The last thing you need to consider is what prize you’ll be giving out; just make sure that its value is relative to what you’re asking people to do.  A Starbucks gift card would be too small for the person who referred you the most business over the summer, but it would be appropriate for someone who signs up for your monthly newsletter.


Throw a Customer Appreciation Party

Give back to the customers that have given you so much.  An enjoyable and affordable way to do this is to reserve a space at a local park and throw a BBQ.  Its a wonderful way to show your appreciation and goes a long way towards building stronger customer relationships.  Encourage your customers to invite their friends and you’ll get a chance to make a nice impression on potential customers.  Just make sure to ask guests to RSVP so you know exactly how much food to bring.


Add a Summer Twist

No matter what you’re doing in your existing campaigns, incorporate summer themes into your marketing to get noticed.  This is a simple, but effective, way to incorporate a fresh feel into your marketing efforts.   Try coordinating the summer theme throughout all your marketing, from your Website to your postcard mailers, and you’ll get an even better response.

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