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Short Run Direct Mail Postcard Printing Is Our Specialty

Postcard printing and direct mail campaigns in quantities as small as 10!

Small businesses shouldn't have to order more than they need to get competitive pricing. Yet some printing companies set 500 or even 1000 piece minimums to maximize their profits, but here at expresscopy, we believe in maximizing your profits.

Complete direct mail postcard campaigns start around $11

10 regular size direct mail postcards, including First-Class postage and free lamination are just $11.30. Throw in a consumer targeted mailing list, and you can have your direct mail campaign in the mail to 10 new prospects for under $13.00!

For some added marketing punch, go with 10 Jumbo postcards for $15.80 or Panoramic cards for $17.30. With all that comes standard, there is simply no better value for direct mail postcard printing than

Postcard minimums as small as the post office will allow

Part of the secret to our low prices are discounted postal rates for large-volume, pre-sorted mail. Our minimums of 10 postcards (or in certain cases 200 or 500) are dictated by US Postal Service pre-sort minimums.

Low minimum order for all other products

We offer low minimums for all of our products including postcards, flyers, business cards, door hangers and greeting cards.  Each product has it's own minimum so make sure to review our pricing page as the minimums per product are listed as the lowest quantity on the guide.

Please note: With print-only orders, you may not group originals to qualify for a lower unit price.

How do we do it?

Unlike traditional printing processes,'s state-of-the-art digital presses don't require screens or plates, which means less set-up. For other printers to run just 10 pieces of a design would be a losing proposition, as they need to print 500 or 1000 for the job to become profitable. can set up, print, and even individually address your short-run postcard campaign without even pausing the presses! If your printer insists on you ordering 1000 postcards, tell them to get out of the dark ages! Or, better yet, make the move to