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Quality Paper Stocks

Your choice of 3 quality paper stocks, plus free lamination stocks are carefully chosen to survive the rigors of handling and mailing, meaning your piece will look just as professional  in your customers' hands as it did when it first rolled off the press. Beware of competitors who may cut costs by using lighter or inferior does make a difference!

Choice of 3 Paper Stocks

Unlike some competitors, which will quote prices based on their flimsiest paper stock, and then sneak in add-ons charges for sturdier stocks later in the order process, stands proudly by all 3 of our papers and gives you upfront pricing for each product/stock combination.

Premium Bond Paper: This is a 28# white, uncoated laser sheet. It is very bright and smooth, excellent for:
  • Flyers and brochures
Cover Stock: This is a standard 90# white, uncoated cover sheet, excellent for:
  • Heavier flyers, brochures & pamphlets
  • Cover sheets
  • Business cards
  • Door hangers
  • Postcards
Heavy Cover Stock: Our sturdiest option, this is a smooth, white, uncoated 10pt heavy cover stock, excellent for:
  • Business cards
  • Door Hangers
  • Postcards
Bindery services not available with Heavy Cover Stock

Please note that we do not recommend running any of our printed products through a desktop printer or other heat-producing equipment, as it may damage both the product and your printer.

Choice of 2 Protective Coatings

All direct mail postcard orders include your choice of two protective finishes at no extra charge.  If you're shopping around, be wary of any provider offering uncoated direct mail -- either you'll pay an add-on later for coating, or your uncoated cards will get destroyed in the mail!

Laminated Cover Stock:  With a highly durable plastic coating on both sides,  this high-gloss 90# cover stock provides optimal protection from USPS processing.  Why to select:
  • Maximum protection from moisture, scuffing and other wear & tear
  • Glossy finish brings out bright colors & high-impact graphics
  • Also great for business cards, door hangers and cover sheets
Label stickers may not adhere to lamination. Some bindery services (folding, scoring) are available.
Recyclable Cover Stock:  An environmentally friendly alternative to lamination.  Why to select:
  • Fully recyclable!
  • Brings out bright colors & high-impact graphics
Available with direct mail postcard orders only. Provides minimal protection against postal processing wear. Cannot be scored or folded.

For Print-Only orders only, both coated stocks require 1 extra day of production. Coating must be applied to both sides of stock.

Recommended Stock by Product

Due to USPS regulations and production requirements, not all stocks are available with all products.  The order process will prompt you as to what stocks are available with your selected product and mailing service, but here is an overview:

  • Regular: Cover, Laminated Cover, Recyclable Cover, or Heavy Cover
  • Jumbo: Laminated Cover, Recyclable Cover, or Heavy Cover
  • Panoramic: Recyclable Cover or Laminated Cover
  • Giant: Laminated Cover or Heavy Cover
Recyclable Cover Stock available with direct mail postcard orders only.
Flyers & Brochures: Premium Bond, Cover, Laminated Cover, or Heavy Cover

Business Cards: Laminated Cover or Heavy Cover

Door Hangers: Cover Stock, Laminated Cover, or Heavy Cover