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Can Direct Mail Be Environmentally Responsible?

Tips for launching your next direct mail campaign while saving resources, and what is doing to be a little more green

One of the biggest concerns today is protecting our environment. At we understand your worries about being as eco-friendly with your direct mail campaign as possible. Direct mail can get a bad reputation for being wasteful, but that isn't necessarily the case. Here are some tips for you to launch a successful campaign using and save resources.
green direct mail

Send postcards instead of catalogs or letter mailers

With the right message, a postcard can spark the interest needed for leads to turn into customers while using much less paper and ink than product catalogs or letter mailers. Use postcards to direct customers and prospects right to your website. Even if you can't phase out your product catalog entirely, you'll save paper (and money) by reducing the quantity you need to print. And, unlike printed catalogs, your website can be easily updated with new product info or promotional offers to better engage your customers.

Print only what you need, when you need it's low order minimums mean you can print the exact number of pieces you need for your campaign, instead of ordering 100s of extra cards just to meet a minimum order requirement or get the next price break. In addition, our fast turnaround and easy order process mean that you don't need to stockpile marketing pieces ahead of time.

Keep your databases up to date

Make sure to keep your mailing lists updated. This will ensure that on your next campaign you don't send postcards to people that aren't there. When you get mail returned to you because someone has moved, or an error in the address, remove or fix that entry for your next run. is one of the few direct mail printers that CASS-certifies and de-dupes all uploaded and purchased address lists prior to mailing, ensuring you don't waste paper (and, again, money) sending postcards to people who aren't there. In addition, allows you to control forwarding service options and generic addressee lines. These may seem like small things, but eliminating failed delivery attempts will cut down on waste significantly over the course of a campaign.

Choose recyclable stock

With the exception of our laminated cover stock, all paper stocks are fully recyclable. Product catalogs and letter mailers may find their way to the recycling bin, but with plastic envelope windows and glossy finishes, they won't necessarily make it to the local recycling station! Our 100% recyclable postcards allow you to send high-impact postcards that are also environmentally conscious.

Our stocks also include a percentage of recycled paper, and we're constantly on the lookout for stocks with greater recycled content and with the non-recycled content harvested in a responsible manner.

Finally, we recommend you order your postcards with Print + Address + Mailing service. By having us address and mail your postcards, you'll avoid using adhesive address labels which, in addition to looking unprofessional, can sometimes make an otherwise recyclable piece non-recyclable.

Go digital is a 100% digital printer. Unlike offset and inkjet printing, digital printing uses non-toxic, toner-based inks. Our digital pre-press department drastically reduces our internal paper and ink usage by virtually eliminating the need for printed proofs. Finally, our production department recycles unused laminate film, paper products, and wooden plates.

We understand your environmental concerns and are sensitive to the potential impact of printing and direct mail. By using these tips you can minimize the resources used for your next direct mail campaign.