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Door Hanger Design Specifications

Print dimensions and other design specifications

If you are creating your own design files, rather than using our customizable designs, it is important that you follow these basic design specifications in order to ensure that your file upload goes smoothly and your order prints as you intend.

Preparing Your Files

If you have not already done so, please review our guide to Preparing Your Files for acceptable file types and file specifications. This page covers important terminology and file setup, including:

  • Bleeds, inner margins and trim size
  • CMYK color and color matching standards
  • Image resolution and dpi
  • Embedded fonts and linked files
  • Copyrighted images and other content
  • PDF and printed proofs

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in a delay in printing.

Door Hanger Design Specifications

Door Hanger

Set the dimensions of your design to: 4.25" x 11.25"

The final trim size will be: 4" x 11"

Inner Margin (design area): 0.25" within the trim line
  • As trim lines may vary slightly, keep any text or graphics that you want to preserve within design area.
Bleed: 0.125" beyond trim edge
  • If you want your background to print to the edge of your design, extend any background images or colors beyond the trim line.
Doorknob Cutout: Cut lines may vary slightly. Continue any background colors or images through doorknob cutout area. Do not place any vital text or images in the top portion of the door hanger.

door hanger starter files

Downloadable Starter Files:

Microsoft Publisher: 2-page
Apple Pages: 2-page
PNG: Front | Back
Adobe PDF: 2-page | Front | Back

Starter File Instructions