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Pulse Mailing Makes Life Easier for a Multi-tasker

Case Study: Becky Chismarick of Haeberle & Associates

haeberle & associates realtors Customer: Becky Chismarick
Company: Haeberle & Associates
Industry: Real Estate

The Challenge: Becky is both owner/manager of a local apartment complex and a full-time real estate agent, so she needed a marketing solution that matches her multi-tasking ways.

The Campaign: Becky turned to our innovative Pulse Mailing service to handle her "day-to-day" marketing.  By tying in directly to her local MLS, Pulse Mailing allows agents like Becky to send out Just Listed and Just Sold cards literally without lifting a finger.  Each time she lists or sells a new property, Pulse Mailing sends out a custom postcard with the property details and photo to the homes around the listing.

With her mailings now going out automatically, Pulse Mailing freed her up to focus on other, more specialized campaigns.  " has helped to direct clients to a 'First Time Homebuyers Seminar' I held in February. had standard postcards that caught my eye during the planning stage of the seminar with a local bank.  Since the timeline was short, I purchased the cards to be delivered to me and placed them stragetically among the bank tellers and around the community."

The Design: Becky makes great use of's customizable, online designs.  Pulse Mailing offers dozens of Just Listed and Just Sold designs to choose from.  Each includes all the key elements of a successful direct mail piece: eye-catching graphics, room for photos and logos, contact information, and a clear call-to-action.  Then, for her other campaigns, Becky can choose from 100s of designs just for real estate agents, including designs specifically tailored to 1st time buyers, distressed homeowners, and other specific audiences.

The List: Becky's Pulse Mailing campaigns are automatically targeted to the 100 homes nearest to the listing being showcased, with address lists included in Pulse Mailing's pricing for Just Listed cards.  Then, she can re-use the same list, free of charge, for the subsequent Just Sold cards!  

Meanwhile, for her 1st time homebuyer's seminar, she saw that mailing wasn't the best strategy.  By making sure her cards were displayed at the bank co-sponsoring the event, she was able to catch the eye of potential homebuyers who were in the beginning stages of researching their options.  If you think about it, many homebuyers begin the process not by contacting a realtor, but with a trip to the bank.  Becky got her card in their hands before they even had a chance to ask their friends for realtor recommendations...brilliant!

The Results: Becky was thrilled with the turnout for her seminar:  "It worked!  We had a small but successful seminar and I was able to gain, retain and close deals on 75% of the participants.  I was thrilled with the return on investment."

Why "I was introduced to Pulse Mailing by another agent in our office when we stopped by Expresscopy's booth at the Illinois Association of Realtors Convention in 2008.  That one contact made the convention completely worthwhile for me and I am attending 2009 IAR Convention to get the next great idea to help my real estate business."

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Try Pulse Mailing for Yourself!

If you're managing your Just Listed and Just Sold mailings manually, you owe it to yourself to check out Pulse Mailing.  Initial setup is free and easy, we integrate with most major MLS systems nationwide, and Pulse Mailing featurs the same high quality and fast turnaround as it's actually LESS expensive!