Why You Should Diversify Your Direct Mailings With Folded & Envelope Mailers

Let’s face it. Different people absorb information in different ways. Rather than rely on a one-size-fits all solution, sometimes it’s good to take advantage of other ways to reach out to potential clients and generate new business. In addition, you can’t always convey all of the information you need to on a standard postcard because of space and privacy limitations.

So how do you generate new business and/or convey important information through direct mail? The solution is to diversify your direct mail marketing with folded mailers and envelope mailers. Compared to standard postcards, folded mailers and envelope mailers not only offer more space and flexibility, but more privacy to convey sensitive or important information. Best of all? Expresscopy.com recently added both mailers to its list of ever-growing direct mail services in order to make direct mail that much more efficient for individuals and businesses.

Below are just a few benefits of using folded mailers and direct mailers:

The Folded Mailer

Unlike traditional postcards which work like a mini billboard, folded mailers come in a larger size (8×11) and are tab-sealed. Businesses have the option to choose between bi-fold and tri-fold, depending on their needs, and we even mail them for you! Folded mailers are great for anyone who wants to reveal important information such as banking information, sensitive medical information or financial-based information. It’s also great for anyone who simply wants to engage their audience, share more information than typically fits on a standard postcard, or have more flexibility with their postcard layout, while still promoting a business or service.

The Envelope Mailer

The Envelope Mailer is also 8×11 like the tri-fold, but comes without the fold and is packaged inside of an envelope. Again, the envelope mailer is the perfect solution to creating a tease or revealing sensitive information, while keeping a very professional look. In fact, many businesses prefer the letter layout to the standard postcard precisely because of the added space and professional feel. On the other hand, our greeting card envelope mailer makes for the perfect solution to holidays, birthdays, weddings or any other occasion that calls for a greeting card. Who needs Hallmark? Simply log in, design your own card, and let us print and mail it for you!

Engage Your Audience

Remember: Postcards work great. But whether you are a real estate agent, a medical professional, or a new pizza chain trying to get your business off the ground, sometimes you have to think of creative ways to engage your audience and generate new business. For more information about which direct mail option suits your needs best, call our free VIP support line at 1-800-260-5887 or visit expresscopy.com.

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