What Makes a Good Call-to-Action?


Did I just catch your attention? Good, because the topic I am about to talk about is one of the most critical components of a successful postcard. Everyone knows that the message, contact info, and graphics quality are important for a postcard to be successful. But what about the call-to-action? If you don’t have a strong call-to-action your energy spent on everything else is wasted. It is crucial to sell a person on why they should act on your request but it is also important to show them HOW you want them to act on the information you’ve given them. Here are some tips on how to nail your call-to-action:



  • Know what Channel to Use – If your call-to-action is for them to reach out to you then you need to decide what the appropriate channel will be. Whether it is by phone, email, etc… Make sure that it is one that allows you to respond in a timely manner or you risk losing the customer.


  • Limit to One – Look, you should only have one message per postcard as it is. The same rule applies to your call-to-action.


  • Use Strong Language – No, I’m not saying you should use offensive language. What I am saying is use strong, active words such as “Call, Buy, and Act Quickly.” Using strong words encourages customers to take action.


  • Create Space – You want to carefully space your postcard layout. Too much visual/text information can overwhelm viewers. This is doubly true for the call-to-action as it is the culminating point of the entire postcard. Don’t blow it at the finish line by crowding it out with excessive text or graphics.


  • Use Font and Color – Aside from giving the call-to-action literal physical space on a card you can also help differentiate it by giving it separate font and/or color. Anything that sets it apart in a visually appealing way from the rest of the card is what you want to aim for.


  • Create a Sense of Urgency – You want to make sure you encourage the viewer to act immediately. If you don’t give them a time limit you increase the chance that they will not act on your message at all.