Understanding Target Demographics – Consumers


It’s virtually impossible to overstate the importance of a targeted direct mailing list and the success it can bring to your direct mail program. By taking the time to really filter down your list you will have a much better chance at it getting your message into the hands of the consumers that are most likely in need of your products and services.

Who is your target audience?

You can target potential customers by using a variety of data points. Here is a simple list of demographics and the importance of each.

  • Age – If you are offering a product for people on Social Security, age is important. If you have a retail store selling auto products, age is less important.
  • Household Income, Home Value, Net Worth – Simply put these are great selections if you want to make sure that your audience can afford your products or services.
  • Home Owner vs. Renter – If you’re a contractor and want to solicit a neighborhood for roof replacement you would definitely want to target a home owner rather than a renter.
  • Housing Type (single family vs. Multi-family dwelling) – Again, this is an option that you would want to be very specific, if you are a contractor and just pick a radius a good portion of those mailers might get into the hand of people who are unable to even consider your offer.
  • Length at Residence – Do you want to ensure that you message is seen by homeowners that have longevity in their residence? Maybe they are ready for a change in scenery? This demographic point can also indicate potential opportunity for home repairs, think roofing or remodeling.
  • Presence of Children – Do you offer a service that caters to families with children like youth sports camps, a pediatrician, or child care facility?
  • Marital status – This can be used creatively. Maybe you are a wedding florist and want to target your mailing to singles in their late 20’s early 30’s, by narrowing down your selection you are hitting the people that are most likely in your targeted demographic.

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