Secure a Longer Shelf Life With New Football Themed Sports Schedules


Understanding shelf life and why it’s important with postcards can be the difference between your postcard being remembered or being forgotten.  All shelf life means is the ability of a postcard to stay in front of your clients for a long period of time, whether that’s on a desk, bulletin board, fridge or yes, even a shelf.  The key is to make sure the content on your postcard is something that is interesting, and ideally has information that could be used for an extended period of time.

While understanding shelf life is one thing, coming up with that interesting and informative content is often the bigger challenge.  Save yourself lots of time and look for content that’s already served up, such as sport schedules.

With football season right around the corner now is a great time to put your contact information on a schedule so you stay top-of-mind all season long.  Regardless of where your clients reside, there are dozens of popular teams to choose from, and best of all, football season lasts more than 4 months! To get started, simply choose a template and begin customizing it by adding your own contact information.

Sports schedules even come in two different formats, mailed postcards or magnetic postcards, making them easy for clients to hang around the house.

Remember: Past clients won’t remember you if you aren’t making an effort to reach out to them and stay top-of-mind. With sports schedules, however, you have the opportunity to put yourself in front of past clients and assure a long shelf life.

For more information on our new football sports schedules, visit our sports schedules page here.

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