2018 Sports Schedules: Stay Top-of-Mind

As we head into the new year, many clients are wondering what kinds of postcards they should be sending out. After all, who’s looking for a home during the holiday season? The truth is most of us would rather be sitting at home eating turkey or drinking eggnog. However, as counterintuitive as it seems, there is perhaps no better time of year to begin marketing to potential clients than the holiday season.

But that still leaves one question: What kind of postcard should you use? Halloween? Thanksgiving? Christmas?

Glad you asked! While all of those postcards are great options, below are just a few reasons why we highly recommend our new 2018 sports schedules, which include hockey, football, NASCAR and basketball.

Sports Schedules Have A Longer Shelf Life

One of the greatest values to sports schedules is that they have a longer shelf life. This is because sports seasons often last 3-5 months, providing real estate agents with the perfect opportunity to stay top-of-mind. Potential clients not only love to hang sports schedules on their refrigerator (our jumbo sizes comes with a magnetic backside), but often come back to look at the schedule multiple times throughout the week. This means by the time the autumn selling season is here you’ll have had countless impressions making you more top-of-mind when they start thinking about putting their home on the market.

Finding The Schedule That Works Best For You

With our new sports schedules, you’ve got several options in how you want to send them out to your sphere of influence or farming areas.  Our football schedules come in two different sizes, jumbo and block, both of which have a place for your photo and primary contact information on the front right next to the schedule.  Our jumbos can be ordered with first-class, standard/bulk or even on a magnetic stock (which can be mailed – talk to one of our reps to learn more).  Our block size offer first-class, standard/bulk, as well as Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), which are great for saving cost on postage when farming into new areas.  If you’re unsure on which option is best for you just give us a call.

Compliment Sports Schedules With Market Report Cards

A great approach to maximizing the effectiveness of football schedules is to mix in market report postcards. While the sports schedules have the value of a longer shelf life, market report or market analysis postcards allow an agent to show their expertise of the local market.  In today’s market these postcards also pair well to the typical homeowner’s interest that might be moving…high prices.  By showcasing sold properties along with their price points you entice potential home sellers more easily.

To learn more, visit us at our website, or call our free VIP support line at 1-800-260-5887.

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