Scheduled Maintenance on Saturday, Jan 5th’s websites and services will be down for server upgrades on Saturday, Jan 5th from 8:00am to 12:00pm (PST). We’re excited about this because, well, we geek out on these types of updates.

That said, you should also be excited because these updates are going to afford us greater flexibility in what we’re capable of offering you, such as Same Day Turnarounds. We’ve always been one of the fastest print and mail postcard provider in the nation, but starting on Monday we’ll be offering same day turnarounds on any postcard order submitted by 12pm, noon, PST…which just means that you’re one day closer to getting more phone calls and sales!

Stay tuned for other value adding enhancements as the year goes on, and don’t hesitate to give our VIP Support Team a call before or after tomorrow’s maintenance window from 8am to 12pm…800.260.5887.

Happy New Years.
Expresscopy Team

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