The Power of Blue Sky and a Smile

Why Is It our Direct Mail ‘Postcard of the Week’?

  • Professional Quality Photo – A picture is worth a thousand words. What do your real estate pictures say? What makes this postcard standout is the professional quality of the photo. Not only is it nicely cropped and well spaced, but it was taken with a blue sky in the background, painting the perfect picture in the minds of prospective clients. Would the home still be as appealing with dark clouds hovering overhead? We don’t think so.
  • Uncluttered, Sophisticated Design – With little space and a lot of information, postcards demand organization. Too much clutter and prospective clients might not know what you’re selling. In our example above, the postcard manages to avoid clutter while making all necessary information clear and available. In addition, the smooth black border and legible reverse text offer a nice stylistic touch,  giving off an air of sophistication.     
  • Friendly Presentation – Smiles matter. However, all too often real estate agents either forget to include a headshot on their direct mail postcards or fail to include a smiling headshot. The above postcard not only includes two smiling headshots, but effectively photoshops them over a recently sold property. Do you include a professional headshot on your postcard? Do you remember to smile? Real estate is a people business. Be personable.

What Does Lisa’s Marketing Director Brenda Taylor Think?

Expresscopy:  I noticed this home was sold in one day, are many of the homes in your area moving this quickly?

Brenda:  Yes, this area has been booming.

Expresscopy: How important do you feel it is to include how quickly the property sold on the postcard?

Brenda:  Depends on the agent, but most do because it shows the market activity and if someone wasn’t inclined to sell before putting that it sold in one day lets people know if you put your home on the market it will sell.

Expresscopy: Typically the designs do not have the price on the postcard, do you feel you are more or less likely to receive a phone call?

Brenda: More likely if someone is really interested.

Expresscopy:  Was there a specific audience you were trying to reach?

Brenda: Targeting buyers right now.

Expresscopy: What are your favorite elements of the design?

Brenda: The property is the highlight with high resolution photos that are crisp and clean, the agent’s branding really pops on the back.

Expresscopy:  Do the agents pull their own address lists?

Brenda: Yes, typically from tax records.

Expresscopy:  Did you know we have data available with targeted demographics?

Brenda: No, do you have more information on the data you can pull?

Expresscopy:  How do postcards fit into the overall marketing plan for a property like this?

Brenda: They work well and we have different tiers that the agents can purchase, such as property flyers, postcards, brochures etc. Some agents use more but most use postcards.

Expresscopy: Did you know we can personalize your postcard designs even more with Variable Data?

Brenda: Please send me more information on how we can use this feature.

Expresscopy: Did you know we offer a turnkey Every Door Direct Mail service on our website?

Brenda: We have agents already using the EDDM so I am aware of how this program works.

For more information about’s EDDM and targeted mailing list options, or to design your very own direct mail postcard, visit us at!

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