The Marketing Power Of Ice Cream


Why Is It Our Postcard Of The Week?

  • Strong Call To Action – Simpson Co. informs potential clients that National Ice Cream Day is on July 17th, and encourages them to enter a contest where they can win free ice cream. Who doesn’t like free ice cream?
  • Enticing Headline – Silly postcards are fun and provide comic relief in a chaotic world. Potential clients can’t help but be drawn to a headline that advertises “National Ice Cream Day.” Likewise, such advertisements are a great way to reinforce brand names in a non-aggressive manner.
  • Keep-in-Touch Strategy – Simpson Co. displays a link to their Facebook page and website, increasing referrals and growing online followers.

Why It Was Successful

This postcard was informative, colorful and non-intrusive. However, while the message revolves around ice cream on the surface, it is also a subtle way to keep-in-touch with past clients or reach out to new potential clients, reminding recipients that their local real estate agent is only a phone call away.


Simpson Co. receives multiple referrals a month. With average homes selling around $250,000, that equates to over $7,500 per month in commissions!

Target Audience

Simpson Co. has used direct mail postcards to generate new business for a long time. With this particular postcard, their goal was to use sphere of influence to target new listings and buyers through referrals.


Simpson Co. sends out campaigns on a monthly basis, which can be set up by one of our Marketing Advisers and updated as frequently as needed. By engaging in repeat mailings, they are able to generate consistent results.

For more information, visit us at our website or call 1-800-260-5887.

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