Postcard of the Week: Repeat Mailings Produce 5 New Clients


Why It’s Our ‘Postcard of the Week’

  • Strong Calls-to-Action: What’s great about this postcard is that there is a clear offer on both sides, and on the front there is even a reference to an alternative offer giving recipients two different offers to contemplate.  On the back side the small print also indicates a time limit to the offer which is a great way to drive more immediate behavior.
  • If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It: Bear Mountain Custom Painting has been recognized by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating, and was also selected by Angie’s List for a Super Service Award in 2015.  The BBB rating lets consumers know they can feel safe about doing business with Bear Mountain, and the Angie’s List award helps build consumer confidence from a peer-based audience.
  • Bridging Traditional Media with Digital: While subtle, Bear Mountain included a QR code that will take users to their website.  Anytime you can tie-in a digital connection like this or through social media pages you increase likelihood.  It’s important when using QR codes though to make sure that your website is responsive so viewers on phones and tablets won’t have to squint and zoom in to navigate around.

Why It Was Successful

Kelly Rohrs, who manages marketing for Bear Mountain Custom Painting, shared with us how this campaign proved to be successful.  While they’ve tried direct mail in the past, sometimes with success and sometimes without, they know that postcards are still one of the most effective way to actually get their message delivered inside homes.  The real secret though was the frequency that they used.  Consistency to the same audience is crucial to getting noticed, and Kelly used our Repeat Campaign feature to send the same postcard to the same list 3 weeks in a row which resulted in impressive results.


Bear Mountain Custom Painting got about 12-13 inquires from their campaign, and was able to convert 5 of those into jobs.  With an average project rate of $3,500 they were able to net almost $18,000.  This doesn’t even include additional jobs that they can get from a new referral focused campaign they’re working on.

Target Audience

For this campaign they used our targeted list tool to focus on a few specific neighborhoods, and then narrowed down the leads even further by choosing specific demographics such as Homeowners, certain income and home value ranges.


Contributing to this campaign’s success was the fact that it was actually a campaign.   Kelly used our Repeat Campaign tool to send this postcard 3 times in a row, over 3 weeks, to the same recipients.  A consistent approach to the same audience is one of the most effective ways to increase your response rates, and ultimately your ROI.

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