Postcard of the Week: A Year in Review

We featured 15 super-sleek postcards in 2013, and as we head into the new year we’d like to look back on a few of our favorites. Browse through our Postcards of the Week for design inspiration that will help you boost response rates and have a fabulously successful 2014.

Neil Kelly Design/Build Remodeling


Why it was the “Postcard of the Week”

  • Professional Design – Clean blocks of color paired with easy-to-read text exudes professionalism and style.
  • Playful and Unique Message – Neil Kelly uses the tagline “Please pardon our dust” to introduce their services to the reader in a friendly, relaxed way.
  • High Quality Images – Strong photographs show off Neil Kelly’s past remodeling jobs and help attract the interest of the recipient. After all, who wouldn’t want to have a kitchen as beautiful as the one shown here?


Chant Realtors/Deborah Bailey


Why it was the “Postcard of the Week”

  • Clean, eye-catching design – The text on the front of the card is kept to a minimum, and the turned-up corner adds visual interest. The font is even suggestive of ‘Wish you were here’ vacation postcards.
  • Multiple photos show the beauty of the property – A few choice photographs of the property are displayed in an organic arrangement, showing off the scenic landscape in a way that doesn’t feel artificial or forced.
  • Consistent branding – The Chant Realtors logo has a place on both the front and back of the card, and the bold shades of green used in the logo are reflected throughout the postcard. The result is a postcard that clearly communicates the Chant brand.


Ideal Hair


Why it was the “Postcard of the Week”

  • Modernized Design – Having an up-to-date design is important because the recipient will feel a stronger level of connection then they will with a design they think is outdated or stale.
  • Valuable Promotion – Ideal Hair has two promotions that they alternate. The first promotion is for a 4$ off service coupon and the other is a 6$ off product coupon. Promotions give recipients an extra incentive to act (and they can help you track the effectiveness of your mailing campaigns).
  • Consistent Reminder – When a customer has not recently visited their salon, Ideal Hair will send out a friendly postcard with a discount. Keeping in contact helps ensure long-term patronage from customers.


For more inspiration, tips, and ideas, browse through our Postcard of the Week archives.

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