Our Top Ten Marketing and Direct Mail Articles from 2014


We’ve gathered 10 of our best posts from last year to help you get 2015 off to a spectacular start. Read on for our best  marketing advice and direct mail secrets.

1. How to Save Money on Your Direct Mail Campaigns…AND Get Better Results

Spending less on advertising in order to get more sales might sound too good to be true…but with the right strategy, it’s easy. Read on for our super simple tips.

2. Tips for a Successful 2015

As we enter a New Year, it is important to review what we did right in 2014 and what we can do better in 2015! Here are our marketing suggestions to help you start 2015 with a bang.

3. 5 Common Myths about Direct Mail

Test your expertise as we bust 5 common myths about direct mail.

4. Five Unusual Marketing Tools Everyone in Real Estate Should be Using

While you may not have heard much buzz about them, these 5 tools are easy to use, inexpensive, and will help you fire up your sales.

5. Entrepreneurs: How to write an ‘About Me’ page that will captivate your prospects

Your ‘About Me’ page is one of the first things prospective clients see when they look for you online. If your web copy is generic, vague, or just a little bland, you might be losing clients before you even have a chance to talk to them.

6. 5 Twitter Accounts Every Real Estate Agent Needs to Follow

For real estate and marketing advice delivered with style and insight, you can’t beat these 5 twitter users.

7. 4 Tips for Designing Postcards That Will Boost Your Sales

Your postcard doesn’t have to be a work of art to get attention. Just follow a few simple tips to start converting prospects into customers.

8. How to Differentiate Yourself From Your Competitors and Attract More Customers

You work hard at what you do. You want to be successful. But how do you do that when there are dozens of people trying to achieve the same thing? Competition is stiff (no matter how good you are at what you do).

9. The Basics of Uploading Your Own Files and Images

New to designing print and mail postcards? Or maybe you just have a few questions about how to make sure your postcards look their best. We’ve put together a quick guide to uploading designs.

10. What to Do When You Have NO Time for Marketing

The phones are ringing off the hook, you’ve got 300 things you need to get done (preferably yesterday), and you’re eating a donut for lunch…again. You definitely don’t have time for this marketing thing, right?


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