Mortgage Marketing 101: Don’t Chase The Consumer

In mortgage, just like most industries, filling the pipeline is the lifeblood of your business, but it’s your ability to successfully do this that either makes or breaks you.  Many times mortgage brokers spend too much effort trying to lead-gen when they could be spending their time getting someone else to do it.

While someone looking to purchase a home can choose to work with any mortgage broker they’d like, the reality is that they typically just go with the recommendation of their real estate agent.  Thus, the more that you can incentivize the real estate agents in your network to refer business to you the better.

What’s being used effectively in the market today is co-branded real estate and mortgage postcard mailers.  The benefit is three-fold:

  1. Real estate agent gets financial help on the cost of the mailer
  2. Mortgage broker gets “referral equity” with the agent, and actual impressions with potential home purchasers
  3. Home purchaser is presented with more complete home purchasing solution, which increases response rates, and ultimately drives more business

We’ve recently created specific co-branded mortgage designs to help real estate agents and mortgage brokers.  Most designs include space for both the agent and broker to be included, along with strong visual and text elements that will help induce recipients to take action.  There are also options for direct to consumer mortgage mailers with emphasis on things like refinance or mortgage anniversaries.

Finally, there is also a split-billing option built into the check-out page that allows for either percentage or flat dollar amount splits between different parties.

So no matter how you split the cost, or how the postcard design is co-oped, your emphasis should be letting others help fill your pipeline so you’ll have more time to provide the best experience for the customer.

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