Leveraging EDDM to Reach More People for Less Money


It’s been a little over a year since we started offering the newer USPS mailing program, Every Door Direct Mail, and in that time we’ve helped countless businesses target their local markets.  Today we’re going to show you some EDDM tips that will not only save you time, but will also help you reach more people for less money.

Saving Money

The concept behind EDDM is simple.  When you mail to an entire carrier route, the USPS offers steeply discounted postage. For example, while a typical mail piece costs $.47 for postage, EDDM postage is only $.176 a postcard.  That means on a typical mailer of over 400 people, you are saving $117.60 in postage.  That’s more than 60% on postage for each EDDM Mailer!

Selecting a Route

EDDM mailings are different from other mailing options. Because there is no mailing list to put together or purchase, you simply select the local carrier routes that fit your needs.  To make this easy we’ve incorporated the USPS carrier route mapping tool directly into our website.  All you do is enter an address, city or zip and the map zooms into your area.  As you highlight carrier route options, you’re instantly presented with how many residents and businesses exist on that particular route.  Don’t want businesses?  Simply uncheck the business box.


Go Big or Go Home

USPS has special EDDM requirements in order to qualify for discounted postage. Which is why at expresscopy.com, we offer 3 separate EDDM approved postcards, so you will never have to worry about whether or not your postcard meets these requirements.  The benefit of EDDM postcards is you get a lot of real estate for high impact graphics and messaging.  In addition, EDDM postcards, which are larger than average postcards, help you standout in the mailbox!

Consistency is King

After a year of working with businesses we’ve found that the most successful EDDM mailings are those that are part of a consistent campaign to the same carrier route.  We’ve seen some seasonal businesses such as HVAC do successful campaigns with as little as 3 mailers, while we’ve seen some real estate agents schedule an EDDM mailer to the same carrier route all year long.  They key is to find the right consistency that works well for your business in your local market.

While EDDM doesn’t work for everyone, notably those that want to mail to their own mailing list, it is a great way to target locally, reach more people and save money.  To talk about how EDDM can work for you and your business call our VIP Support team at 800-260-5887.

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