Kickoff July 4th By Staying In Front Of Clients All Season Long


The real estate business is interwoven with details that can be easy to overlook. While agents often remember to invest time and effort in targeting new clients, the benefits of keeping-in-touch with current and previous clients often gets lost in the daily grind of real estate sales.

Are you doing everything within your power to retain past clients? If not, now is the perfect time to begin thinking about your next keep-in-touch campaign. With summer in full swing and football season right around the corner, maintaining a good relationship with former clients through keep-in-touch postcards will not only help demonstrate community involvement and show you care, but help secure future business down the road. The average homebuyer, after all, moves every 7 years!

Below are 4 hot ways to keep-in-touch with clients through the rest of summer and beyond.

1. Football Schedules

As 4th of July approaches, there is no better seasonal event to take advantage of than America’s biggest sport—football! To make things even easier, currently offers dozens of beautiful football-themed postcards to choose from. Whether you are marketing to Cowboy fans, Packers fans or Dolphin fans, we’ve got dozens of sports-themed templates surely to score a touchdown with clients and keep you top-of-mind! All you do is pick the template you like and start customizing!

2. Email Blasts With Gardening Tips

Everybody loves advice that makes life easier and more efficient. Fortunately for real estate agents, summertime is packed with wonderful opportunities to share useful tips with past and former clients. One way to do this is to send out postcards or email blasts with homekeeping or gardening tips. All homeowners want and love a nice yard. Homeowners will not only find the advice helpful, but love the fact that you took the time to help them with their home and demonstrate your expertise.

3. Keep-in-Touch BBQ

Keeping-in-touch with current and former clients is vital in real estate. Without them, agents would constantly need to generate new business from scratch. When you already have an established relationship, however, the potential for more business always exists. One way to keep-in-touch is to organize a summer barbecue. Who doesn’t love a good hamburger or hot dog? On one hand, you create an opportunity to catch up and network. On the other, you remind clients you still care. Everybody wins.

4. Advertising Events & Attractions

Summer is always packed with events and attractions. Why not use them to your advantage? Much like keep-in-touch BBQs, events and attractions not only give you an opportunity to be involved in the community, but promote your brand in creative ways. Is there a water theme park nearby? An upcoming fair? A concert? Try co-sponsoring one of them or organizing a fun keep-in-touch social (you might even be able to split some costs). Better yet, once you know your game plan, mail out calendars or postcards to help keep everyone informed. Clients will remember you.

A Longer Shelf Life

The science behind keep-in-touch postcards is simple. To design an effective keep-in-touch postcard, all you have to do is choose a popular seasonal event and then incorporate it into your marketing plan. By using a popular seasonal event to market your keep-in-touch postcards, your postcards will not only be useful and relevant, but secure a longer shelf life. Remember: real estate sales is about more than homes. It’s about people and community. Some of the most successful agents in real estate take the time to invest in their clients and communities.

What better way to do this than with yummy BBQ and football?

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