What are Keep-in-Touch Postcards…And Why Should I Use Them?

With the popularity of content marketing, everyone is talking about ways to connect with and provide value to your customers.

Yet most people are still using direct mail for advertising…and nothing else. We love a great call-to-action, coupon postcard, or gorgeously designed ad. But why not bring the power of content marketing to your direct mail?

Enter the Keep-in-Touch postcard.


Keep-in-Touch postcards feature information that is tailored to your target customers, such as local event schedules, seasonal recipes, or practical tips. They give your prospects free information that is relevant to their day-to-day lives.

Why should you send Keep-in-Touch postcards?

  • They’re a great way to stay top-of-mind year round.
  • They can help you show off your local expertise.
  • Recipients are more likely to read them…and hang on to them!

Let’s back up and look more closely at that last bullet point. Will your prospect save a postcard advertising a house listing they’ve decided they’re not interested in? Probably not. But if they’ve been worrying about what they’re going to bring to Thanksgiving at Aunt Marion’s and they receive a postcard with a recipe for pumpkin cheesecake bars?

That postcard is much more likely to get put on the fridge.

Just like online content marketing, Keep-in-Touch postcards help you connect with customers by giving them something valuable. Want help putting together a Keep-in-Touch campaign? Give us a call at 800-260-5887, email us at sales@expresscopy.com, or chat with us online. Our expert customer service reps would be happy to help.

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