Is “all” the best option when building a direct mail list?


No, direct mail marketing gives you the ability to target instead of sending to the masses.

Looking for the best way to build a custom list for postcard mailings? Get more bang for your buck by  only sending your marketing out to your ideal candidates. has come up with a few simple examples on how to think when you are formulating a targeted mailing list.

To start your thinking process let’s talk about the word “all”, and how this might not be the best option for your business, unless perhaps you’re the local pizza shop that everyone loves.

“I am a Commercial Real Estate agent that wants to target all of the business in a 5 mile radius.”

Great idea, right? Generally yes, but what about all of the big box stores, fast food restaurants, or gas stations? There are certain amounts of business out there that just won’t make sense, why waste money, time and energy on them? has the ability to filter (de-select) your “all” list to make sure you are targeting businesses that will actually want to hear your message.

“I am a BMW auto dealership and want to send postcards to people that might be interested in my new promotion.”

We often see lists like this. But, you have to remember that when you pull a list for “all” you get all. For a high end car dealer it might be better to target specific demographics. Your ideal clients that would be interested in a BMW might be someone that lives in a more affluent neighborhood, or has a higher median income.  Making simple selection like this will really help cut down on your mailings, expenses and will bring you better results.

If you’re not sure who to target start by thinking about the customers that are purchasing from you today. What sets them apart from others? Start formulating the list from these differences and you are sure to bring in more just like them.

The great thing about using a service for your list is that it can be custom built to fit your specific needs. If you aren’t finding what you’re looking for we can possibly help. Visit us online, or call us at 800.260.5887 for more information.


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