Introducing the New Map Tool for Postcard Mailings

You asked for an easier way to reach prospects, and we listened. Now when you purchase an address list through, you can do more than just a zip code or radius search. You can define the exact neighborhoods you want to mail to.


Target More Precisely Than Ever

Define the areas you’ll mail to by drawing a circle, rectangle, or freeform shape with our visual map tool. Once you’ve specified the areas you’ll mail to, you’ll be able to further refine your selections by demographics such as age, income, and home ownership status.

Using the Map Tool

To use the new tool, just go through our easy ordering process and select ‘purchase list’ on the mailing options page. This will open our mailing list builder. From there, you can choose to build a list of businesses or residential customers. On the second page of the list builder, select the map option to start creating your list with the new map tool.


Questions? We’re Here to Help

We take pride in your success and want to help you reach your perfect customer. Not sure where to start? Give us a call at 1-800-260-5887 or email One of our reps will give you a tour of the site…and a free marketing consultation to make sure you get the most out of your direct mail campaigns.

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