How to Effectively Integrate Your Print and Digital Marketing Efforts

Whether it’s print or digital, sparking prospects into action is at the heart of any advertising campaign. However, not all campaigns are created equal, and it’s imperative to implement the right integrative strategies to disseminate your message, share your story, and create a cohesive journey for your audience. Integrating print and digital marketing creates a truly holistic experience for your customer, even though each has their own tried-and-true strengths.

There are myriad ways to integrate your print campaigns and digital marketing efforts. A two-pronged approach enables your business to attain more accurate response tracking, as your prospects are more likely to visit the landing pages you want them to instead of searching them organically.

Some 82% of consumers trust print ads the most for purchase decisions. Suffice it to say, it’s imperative to get off on the right foot — and successfully guide your customers to the next steps. Here, we’ve outlined some best practices to successfully integrate your print and digital marketing efforts:

Harness the Power of QR Codes

We know them, we love them. QR codes, those small square “barcodes” that can be scanned with a smartphone camera on the fly, lead users directly to a website or landing page that corresponds to your print ad. QR codes are a great way to share information that may not fit on your printed piece, such as terms and conditions or details of an order.

When it comes to mail campaigns and printed materials, real estate is everything. Fortunately, QR codes don’t have to take up very much room at all. Conversely, they can be big enough to accommodate your larger marketing materials. Whether you mail out postcards or put up billboards, QR codes are an excellent way to create a seamless experience for your prospects.

Execute Multiple Touchpoints

Multiple touchpoints across various print and digital channels increase the chance that prospects turn into customers. If a prospect learns about your company via a direct mail advertisement, an email marketing campaign reinforcing the same message further strengthens your direct sales efforts and brand recognition. Companies who leverage print and digital marketing mediums in tandem turn heads, fill carts, and increase revenue.

Reinforce Your Print Materials With Digital Next-Steps

Print advertising showcases that your company actively invests in creative, logistical, and financial initiatives that result in personalized outreach and tangible takeaways. Strengthen your company’s image with an online platform follow-up that ushers them closer to conversion. In fact, 44% of customers visit a brand’s website after viewing a piece of direct mail. This just goes to show how convincing direct mail advertising is — and the power of integrating print and digital marketing efforts.

Link CTAs and Landing Pages

Calls to action, or CTAs, are the bread and butter of direct marketing. After all, this is what leads a prospect to fill out a print order card, dial a number, head to a local establishment, or take any other action you design your print ad around.

A common pitfall, however, many advertisers fall privy to when integrating print and digital marketing is a link to the homepage on their printed ad as the sole CTA. While this may seem like the cleanest, most obvious decision, a homepage typically parents several interior pages that may not directly connect to your print ad. The key? Direct prospects to visit a custom landing page tailored specifically to add recipients. Additionally, place quickly-scannable icons of your company’s social media profiles to give them opportunities to stay informed of the business.

Perfect the Customer Journey With Expresscopy

These days, combined print and digital campaigns are the essence of fortified prospecting — and a reliable partner can make all the difference in their efficacy. For more information about our offerings, including small run postcard printing, or to create and mail postcards online, turn to our team today!