How do you incorporate social media into your postcard mailings?


There are so many different social media channels today. Some let you make friends, some are your online scrapbook and some hold your resume. It’s hard to know what medium to use for what type of business, if you should use more than one or if you should use it at all.

While every business type is different, there are usually a few easy ways to incorporate social media into your postcards mailings, here are just a few:

– Social media icons: This serves as a reminder to people that they should like or follow you.  Some of the more popular social icons to include would be:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Google+

It is recommended that you also include your actual social media URL if you are hard to find on these networks. For example’s Facebook URL is This URL can be found in the address bar of your search engine when you have your profile open.

– QR Codes: This can come in handy on a postcard mailer. Together with a clear call to action you can get the receivers of the postcards to go to a specific social media page, website, or online contest. QR codes a help bridge traditional marketing like print to digital media like your website or social media. To generate a QR code, you can use one of many online tools. Doing a simple search for “QR code generator” on Google, we came up with a few easy to use QR code generator sites.

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