Customer appreciation: We’re giving away $1500 each quarter

Our way of saying 'thank you' to our customers

All you need is love.
‘All you need is love’, is true when the Beatles song comes on and in our personal lives. But what about ‘love’ in business? We often get caught up in the busy-ness of our jobs and passions but here at expresscopy we believe it’s also important to reflect on the reason we’re all here — the customer.

For us, that’s you.
Actions speak louder than words, so this year we’re randomly giving away $500 in mail marketing credits to three, active customers to say thank you for your business and help kick start your marketing.

The new year is an excellent time to re-engage your customer base, supercharge your marketing, and reset your plans to be more successful in 2018. Your customers are open and looking to fulfill their goals, and for some — your service may be that resolution. Building a strong network to draw from is important for future gains and it all starts with your decision to approach marketing with intention, instead of haphazardly.

Our Marketing Advisors are always here to help you all be successful and, new this year, we’re giving away $1500 dollars each quarter too.

The idea is simple — we’re pulling each quarter from our active customers to receive $500 in free marketing credits. Every time you send a marketing campaign your name goes into the pool, we’ll draw at random and give away $500 dollars to three active customers. Every new order adds your name to the customer roll we draw from. Have an account? Get a chance. Make a purchase, get another. Make another purchase in a quarter—now you have three chances, and so on…

In addition to the credits, we’ll also feature your business in our marketing to celebrate your success — giving you and your business additional exposure. Sharing your story will pass along valuable insights to other marketers, and pay your good fortune forward, while helping spread your reach to markets you may not already serve.

We’re all familiar and acknowledge the power of ‘Love’ in our everyday lives, but we want to show it here too — in our relationship with you all. And moving forward into the new year. You are the reason we’ve prioritized same day printing, industry-leading quality, and marketing expertise. If it wasn’t for your patronage and guidance, we wouldn’t be half as successful. Thank you.

And if you’re one of our lucky customers — we’ll be in touch soon!





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