Generating Listings When There Are None

“There are just no listings to be had right now!” We hear this frustration from our clients over and over.  So today we’re going to share a technique we use to help agents generate new listings in a market where there are few and far between.

A recent post by Zillow indicated that in a low inventory market, one of the key drivers to convert homeowners to becoming home sellers is by engaging them about their property value.  That’s why we’ve developed pricing focused farming postcards to help prompt homeowners to reach out to you the agent.

The key to maximizing these farming postcards is ensuring that they’re being sent to the right kind of homeowners.  Specifically, you should be targeting homeowners that have been in their homes for an extended period of time, so that rising property values have established enough equity to make selling a home appealing.

Our targeted mailing list wizard allows you to filter a neighborhood by how long people have lived in their home, you’ll just want to review your specific market conditions to evaluate how many years a homeowner has lived there is right.

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