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Postcard of the Week

Why it’s the “Postcard of the Week”

  • Uncluttered Design – This design outlines a few interesting features about the property, but keeps the amount of text to a minimum. The result is a postcard that is intriguing and easy to read.
  • Contact information is easy to find – One of the biggest factors that determines whether a postcard recipient will reach out to you is their ability to quickly find your contact information. This postcard makes it easy for the recipient to call or visit the website.
  • Consistent Use of Branding – The branding used on this postcard is consistent not only with other Waldvogel Commercial postcards, but also ties in with their website. Consistent branding helps build customer trust and recognition, and Waldvogel Commercial uses it very effectively.

High Impact Branding and Design Simplicity Make This Postcard a Winner


Waldvogel Commercial Properties was founded in 2004 by Michael Waldvogel, a broker with over 25 years of commercial real estate experience. In addition to selling commercial spaces, Waldvogel specializes in selling properties that have been converted from factory and warehouse spaces into residences. I spoke with Celie Holmes, Marketing and Transaction Coordinator at Waldvogel Commercial about this postcard design.

Jessie: Thanks for talking with me today. First off, can you tell me a little about the overall goal for this postcard mailing?

Celie: Well, we had 3 downtown condos in the same area. Roanoke is a medium size city and the downtown is really beginning to boom. These 3 listings were on the high end, and we wanted to group them together to show off the properties.

Jessie: Was there a specific audience you were looking to reach?

Celie: We were targeting higher income folks who work around the downtown area and residents of downtown who might want to upgrade. We have a lot of medical professionals and large corporations in downtown Roanoke, so there are a lot of higher income individuals here.

Jessie: Can I ask how you reached out to those specific types of people?

Celie: I use GIS or edit previous databases so that they fit our needs for the current listing.

Jessie: In terms of the appearance of the postcard, what were your goals for the design?

Celie: We try to use a similar template for all of our postcards, for instance we use the banner on the left side of the image to indicate whether the property is for sale or lease. We try to keep those elements the same with every postcard campaign in order to build consistent branding.

Jessie: It looks great, and the photographs of the property are gorgeous. And speaking of consistency, I was looking at the Waldvogel Commercial website and noticed that the branding of the postcards matches the website perfectly.

Celie: Yes, having that consistency is important. And we have a great web designer!

Jessie: What are your favorite elements of the postcard design, or the ones that you think make this postcard work so well?

Celie: I like that we have one big photograph that really gives a good idea of the property we’re talking about. I like to keep things simple and straightforward. I always leave enough white space so that the written information is clear and I avoid going into too much boring detail. I try to be consistent and provide the key information for each property.

Jessie: I think you did a great job, it’s very easy to read this postcard and pick up the most important information. What kind of results have you seen? Did you get calls about this postcard?

Celie: Krista, one of the brokers, generally fields the calls for our properties. I know that she did receive calls. The owners of the condos loved it, and that’s a good sign. If they like it then we must be doing a good job.

Jessie: How do postcards fit into the overall marketing plan for a property like this?

Celie: It’s usually an integral part of what I do; I try to have at least one postcard mailing for each listing. If we have a shortlist of specific brokers we want to contact, we’ll also call them. But sending postcards is generally a really important part of what we do. It makes our company look really good and it gives us something to share with the owners of the properties.

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