Postcard of the Week: Snyder & Pritchard Homes


Why it’s the “Postcard of the Week”

  • Unique Branding – An interesting logo and visual elements help set your brand apart from the competition. Snyder & Pritchard Homes gets the most mileage out of their branding by keeping it consistent throughout their postcards and website.
  • Simple, High-Contrast Design – By using a large, brightly-lit photograph of the property and a dark border, this postcard achieves a perfect balance between showing information about the property and displaying the brand. The use of light colored text over dark purple makes this postcard easy to read, and also gives it a polished, modern feel.
  • Smart Audience Targeting – The ‘Just Sold’ properties shown on the back are in the same neighborhood as the ‘Just Listed’ property on the front. This makes the card even more relevant to recipients by communicating property values in that neighborhood.

Snyder & Pritchard Homes Uses Panoramic Postcards to Get Their Name Out

Snyder & Pritchard Homes, a new real estate agency in Fairfield, Connecticut, uses postcards to reach out to the community and build brand recognition. “It gets our faces out there,” said Sarah Pritchard. “Once people get to know our company, they’re more likely to call us and make a purchase.” Snyder & Pritchard’s unique logo and consistent color scheme help them build a memorable brand image for the new agency.

For this mailing, Snyder & Pritchard used a panoramic postcard. “Everyone gets a lot of mail. We like the panoramic (5.75″ x 11.25)” because it sticks out that extra half inch from everything else, so it’s more likely to be what people pick up,” Sarah explained.

The larger postcard also shows off the property and leaves extra room on the back to include images of other properties they’ve sold. “The homes on the back sold for high prices, so by including those it gives us a chance to show that the neighborhood has value,” said Sarah. “We want people to know that if they sell with us, they’re not going to lose money.” And by including a ‘Just Listed’ property along with ‘Just Sold’ properties, Snyder & Pritchard can target potential buyers and potential sellers with one mailing.

By combining clean, unique design and targeting a specific neighborhood, Snyder & Pritchard Homes has created a postcard that we’re pleased to call “Postcard of the Week”.





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  1. Great postcard! I loved the font used and the graphic was clean and well put together. Exactly what a postcard should represent. Thanks for sharing!

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