Postcard of the Week: Park Animal Hospital & Wellness Center


Some say image is everything, and that’s especially true in today’s media rich environment. The shift to visually optimizing, the use of infographics, and taking high quality images are increasingly important. Images can help with branding, play on emotions, and say so much without saying anything at all.

Today’s “Postcard of the Week” definitely is an attention grabber; who can resist cute puppies holding tooth brushes? As the headline suggests, this “new to the neighborhood” Veterinarian created this card to announce their arrival and keep it top notch with a professionally created design.  It screams personality and is sure to get a smile.

This postcard also is helping with the animal hospital’s branding. “We do all sorts of marketing and this is just one part of it,” stated Cynthia head receptionist at Park Animal Hospital. “We loved the design and ended up doing several mailings of it.”

For an announcement card this one seems to have it all. It offers a list of services, a map to the location and even a hard to resist coupon offer.

Background:  Dr Christina Spears began Park Animal Hospital and Wellness Center in July of 2012. Their Mission is to offer comprehensive veterinary medicine and surgery with a loving, compassionate approach for the animals they treat and a warm, caring environment for the pet owners they serve.



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