Postcard of the Week: Neil Kelly


Please pardon our dust! It comes off as a gracious apology, heartfelt I’m sure, and an ingenious way to get prospects to read a message. Neil Kelly Design/Build Remodeling lets their prospects know that they are in the area and ready to do work with their “pardon our dust” campaign and then following them with a “thank you” card. Their postcard mailing efforts are bringing them in a couple leads per month!

Marketing Manager, Tom Brunick, says that, “Postcards are a large factor in our local marketing scheme.” They use them to announce to the neighborhood that they are there doing work and then again when the job is finish. These simple messages are a great way to let prospects know who you are. It also builds trust because if your neighbors are using them they must be good.

They target their mailing list by choosing a higher end demographic within a radius around the remodeled home. Some of the options that they choose on their list are: higher home values, and higher income levels, single family homes, and home owners vs. renters. By chosing these selections they are making their marketing much more efficient. And by tailoring the list’s demographics it allows them to tailor their message.  These targeted postcards are timed just right to hit the streets as Neil Kelly’s trucks are in the neighborhood. This solidifies the purpose of the postcards and helps to further brand the company.

Background: In 1947, Neil B. Kelly started a remodeling company on a $100 investment and built it into a nationally recognized, award-winning business.

For over 60 years, they’ve been building a reputation for award-winning designs, outstanding craftsmanship, uncommonly good service, and consistently satisfied clients.

They are a pioneer in the design/build process in the Northwest and strive to incorporate green design and remodeling elements in all they’re practices.





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