Postcard of the Week: Monica McNamara


Why it’s the “Postcard of the Week”


  • Branded Consistency: Monica uses a consistent boardwalk theme on every design to keep her postcard easily recognizable and brand herself as a successful Coldwell Banker Realtor.


  • Effective QR Code: This QR code provides a simple online form to subscribe to her Ocean City, Maryland real estate e-newsletter.


  • Strong Call-To-Action: The call to action is clearly stated in bold letters aside the QR code. This increases readers understanding of the QR code and the benefit provided.


  • Attractive Listing: The Just Sold property pictured on the front of the postcard is attractively displays many of the property benefits.



Monica McNamara, Associate Broker for Coldwell Banker, comes to with over 30 years of real estate and marketing experience. After several years of successful just listed, just sold, and real estate postcard mailing campaigns, Monica shows off her well branded postcard campaign and inspires other Coldwell Banker real estate agents to use postcards as an integral part of their integrated marketing strategy.


Derek Muller: Thanks for speaking with me today, Monica. We are always delighted to hear success stories from Coldwell Banker affiliates. I noticed your postcards have a consistent boardwalk theme every month, can you elaborate on the design and how it has been successful for you?


Monica McNamara: Sure. The look of our postcards are similar to our website and our blog. It’s our branded look. The brown boardwalk in the background resembles the boardwalk in Ocean Ctiy, Maryland. The browns, the blues, the oranges all are used to reflect the look and feel of the beach. It is a look that carries through our entire marketing plan including our postcard mailings.


Derek: Branding is definitely key when developing a personalized marketing campaign. How does this help your postcard campaign standout from the others?


Monica: I work for a Coldwell Banker franchise and all the other real estate brokers use the Coldwell Banker postcards, so they all look the same. Although it is required I have the Coldwell Banker logo and some other things included on the postcard design, If someone receives 10 postcards and all of them look like the same Coldwell Banker postcard, my postcard is going to be different and is going to stand out. It’s all about personal branding, especially within a large real estate franchise like Coldwell Banker.


Derek: I agree, personal branding is definitely important within postcard campaigns. What was your goal for this targeted postcard campaign in Ocean City, Maryland?


Monica: To increase the amount of subscribers to my e-newsletter. If I am sending out postcards that means I don’t have their email address, and I want their email address. It’s better for the customer because once I get their email address I can keep them updated immediately, whereas, right now I am only sending out Just Listed postcards and Just Sold postcards once a month.


Derek: Using postcard mailings to build you subscriber base and email list is very effective. Who was your target audience for these postcards?


Monica: My targeted mailing list reaches all property owners in Ocean City, Maryland. I have found that by reaching out to people who know the resort or own property on the resort, if they’re not a seller now, they know a family member, a coworker, or an acquaintance who might be a buyer for Ocean City, Maryland.


Derek: Absolutely, postcards often do generate word of mouth for many of our Real Estate agents. Did provide your targeted mailing list for you or did you upload one of your own?


Monica: I uploaded my own targeted mailing lists.


Derek: What were the results of this Just Sold postcard?


Monica: Typically, I see a 10% response rate of my Just Sold postcards. I see the highest success when I send postcards targeted to the building in Ocean City, Maryland that has a unit recently sold. The message will sound something similar to “We just sold unit #101 in your building! If you want the details about that sale, call me”.


Derek: A 10% return on a Just Sold postcard campaign is great! Relevance can be helpful in getting better response rates.


Monica: I agree. At the same time, it is important to frequently send out postcards in the interim so they continue to see your face. Even if you can’t say you sold something in their building, a continued postcard campaign is important to stay top of mind.


Derek: Yes, using postcards as a form of regular contact with the people in your market is critical to the success of any postcard campaign. Monica, do you have any last words of inspiration for other Coldwell Banker affiliates, business owners, and real estate agents reading our blog?


Monica: Be consistent, make a schedule and stick to it and if you make any promises in the postcard, absolutely, you have to do what you say you’re going to do.



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