Postcard of the Week: Lesley Peters


Why it’s the “Postcard of the Week”


  • Polarizing Image: Using a picture that is unique and non-traditional to the real estate industry, Lesley invites instant curiosity that increases engagement from recipients.


  • Clever Headline: The headline and the picture work together flawlessly to create a comical message that is attractive and interesting.


  • Multiple Listings Profiled: Incorporating multiple properties on the back of the postcard sends the message that “The Peters Company” is dynamic in the properties they work with.



Leslie Peters, Keller Williams affiliate and owner of The Peters Company in Atlanta, GA, is delighted to present a postcard campaign after 5 years of continued business with This time, Leslie adds a new design to her profile to be relevant for the winter season ahead. Lesley lets Atlanta, GA know “The Peters Company” will remain the #1 real estate agent in 2013.


Derek Muller: Thanks for taking the time to speak with me today, Lesley. We are always delighted to hear success stories from Keller William affiliates.  I noticed you have kept with a consistent postcard design for the past couple of months, but this design is different?


Lesley Peters: Yes. I wanted this postcard to be catchier. I decided to go with the image of the girl sticking her tongue to the pole to create a more playful message. That way the design will reflect better our spirited personality and be relevant to the season.


Derek: You got it! Your postcard mailings are basically an extension of your brand. Designing postcards to reflect the personality of “The Peters Company” allows you to introduce yourself even before meeting the client. What was your goal for this postcard mailing?


Lesley: We wanted more market share. Drew Valley is a neighborhood in Atlanta, GA where we are currently the top real estate team doing more transactions in that neighborhood than anyone else. Back in August, we started farming the neighborhood by reaching them on a monthly bases; this is a continuation of that strategy.


Derek: Repetition and consistency are definitely key. Keller Williams’s affiliates always tell me how important it is to use postcard mailings as way to stay top of mind in their market. Did you use our targeted mailing list or upload one of your own?


Lesley: It was a list that was generated through the tax records from our state for that specific neighborhood.


Derek: In addition to location, were there any other criteria you used to create your final targeted postcard mailing list?


Lesley: No. We wanted to reach out to both homeowners and renters of any demographic living in Drew Valley Atlanta, GA. We are a turnkey, multifaceted real estate agency so we offer services to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate in Atlanta, GA.


Derek: How long do you plan on continuing your postcard campaign?


Lesley: We will continue to consistently use postcards mailings once a month to make sure we retain our market share in Atlanta, GA.


Derek: What results do you see using postcards mailings?


Lesley: We consistently notice a spike in phone calls regarding people wanting to sell their homes right after we launch a postcard campaign.


Derek: How do postcards mailings fit into the rest of your marketing plan?


Lesley: We’ll often use open house postcards for our upcoming properties. We like when the neighbors come to the open houses because it gives us face-to-face contact. We have also do fun things such as “Dumpster Day” and we used invitation postcards to invite people to those community events.


Derek: What kind of success have you found from incorporating postcards in with these events?


Lesley: We typically have at least two or three people who mention the postcards and I’m sure there are several more who were touched by our postcard mailings but don’t mention it.


Derek: That’s awesome Lesley. Are there any last comments or suggestions you would like to share that may be inspirational for other Keller Williams affiliates, business owners, and real estate agents?


Lesley: Well I think so many real estate agents have cut down on postcard marketing, especially in the past 2-3 years due to the economy, and because of that I think real estate agents can really benefit from direct mail marketing campaigns. There is less competition and real estate agents now can be on the forefront of people coming back to it.


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