Postcard of the Week: Kimberly Wolfe

Why it’s the “Postcard of the Week”


  • Fluid Design: The color scheme throughout the postcard is consistent throughout, while the natural flow of the postcard design allows the reader to easily transition from one side to the other.


  • Explicit Discount: Its simplistic design reassures the discount is obvious to its reader. An expiration date creates urgency and a cut-off point when the success of the postcard campaign can be measured.


  • Concise Features list: The four features located below the headline allow the reader to follow a natural reading style from top to bottom. Each feature is relevant, concise, and to the point.



Kimberly Wolfe is the new owner of Tropical Bay, a tanning salon in Lambertville, MI, offering a full line of natural skin care products and high quality tanning beds. Recently taking over the business, less than two months ago, Kimberly brings with her over 20 years of tanning salon and postcard marketing experience. Less than 2 weeks into ownership Kimberly begins her first targeted postcard mailing campaign.


Derek Muller: Thanks for taking the time to speak with me today, Kimberly. We are always interested in hearing about new tanning salon postcard campaigns. Why did you choose us?


Kimberly Wolfe: I chose to utilize the postcard mailing service. It is a very convenient service and I also don’t have to worry about creating my own targeted address mailing list.


Derek: What was the goal for this tanning salon postcard mailing?


Kimberly: The primary goal for this postcard mailing was to create awareness that the tanning salon is under new ownership with new prices and better packages. The secondary goal was to get previous customers to come back, sign our month-to-month customers to one year packages, and acquire new customers.


Derek: Those are great goals to have for a tanning salon with new management. Using the targeted mailing list provided, what criteria did use to formulate your sales leads?


Kimberly: I used the residential mailing list to narrow down my prospects by people living within a one mile radius of the tanning salon.


Derek: I see you also used one of our free postcard designs. What aspects of this postcard were attractive to you?


Kimberly: I really liked the overall theme of the postcard design. The girl in the bikini lying out in the sun went well with the look I was trying to achieve for my tanning salon business.


Derek: Well I’m thrilled to hear you found our postcard templates to be in good taste. It looks like this postcard campaign lasted approx 2 weeks, what were your results in that time?


Kimberly: I got 7 new customers out of that postcard campaign and only mailed out 40-45 postcards.


Derek: Wow! That is a fantastic response rate! It’s always great to hear a success story from another tanning salon postcard campaign. You must be happy with your return on investment?


Kimberly: Yes, definitely.


Derek: How long do you plan on continuing your tanning salon postcard campaign?


Kimberly: I would love to continue the postcard campaign at least every other month. It’s so easy and quick and it’s something my customers can hold on to or put in their back pocket.


Derek: That is awesome you have decided to continue your tanning salon postcard mailings with Postcards have a longer shelf life than most forms of advertising.


Kimberly: I agree.


Derek: Thanks for taking the time to speak with me, Kimberly. Any last comments to inspire other tanning salon owners looking to begin their 1st postcard mailing campaign?


Kimberly: Yes. is the easiest direct mail marketing site I have ever used. I have used in the past and I have always been very pleased with the quality and durability of the postcards.



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