Postcard of the Week: Herff Jones


Postcards bring results! “In the 2011-2012 school year we had an increase of 14% ring sales and in 2012-2013 we increased another 15% since we have been using panoramic postcards,“ expressed Trey Lemon from Herff Jones.

This week’s “Postcard of the Week,” is easy to read with its clear messaging and top-notch design. It is simple and clean, as was the intentions of its creator. “I think simplicity is the most important part.  I want the front page design to grab our customer’s attention and use the backside to deliver important information.  There’s a fine line between too much and too little information, hopefully my design walks that line,” stated Trey.

Trey continued, “I’ve been using since August 2009.  I began using the regular sized postcards and eventually moved up to the large panoramic sized cards.  These panoramic postcards have become a staple in how I go to market.  They allow me to showcase my custom mascots which I believe adds excitement to the entire ordering process. I’m also able to communicate key ordering information at the same time.  I firmly believe that these cards have had a direct impact on my increased ring units over the past two years.  I recommend to anyone who is interested in growing their business.”

Using panoramic postcards help make a big splash with a new product launch, or generate immediate attention for a grand opening. These cards measure 5.75″ x 11.25″, they are physically larger than most pieces of mail that will accompany them in the recipient’s mail box, making them virtually impossible to ignore.

Background: Herff Jones began their business in an old fire engine building on Capitol Avenue in downtown Indianapolis, founded Herff Jones in 1920. Over the years, the company has added yearbooks, graduation announcements and accessories, diplomas, caps and gowns, diploma frames, and educational learning materials to the list of products it manufactures.


herff jones front

herff jones back






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