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Why it’s the “Postcard of the Week”

  • Compelling text – The text on this postcard builds interest by asking the reader a few simple questions. It also offers the reader a chance to learn about possible solutions if they visit the website.
  • QR Code provides a strong call to action – QR codes offer a convenient way for recipients to visit your website from their mobile devices. This postcard places the focus on the website url and the QR code, driving recipients to :doppio’s website.
  • Beautiful and consistent design – The rich colors and subtle patterns used on this postcard are visually appealing and fit well with :doppio’s espresso-themed branding.

:doppio Builds Interest and Opens Doors with Postcards

:doppio is a consulting agency that specializes in helping nonprofits with branding, fundraising, and web design. I spoke with Jenn Tarrant, team coordinator at :doppio, about what makes this postcard so irresistible.

Jessie: Hi Jenn, thanks for taking the time to chat with me today. Overall, what was the goal for this postcard?

Jenn: The goal of this marketing campaign is to introduce ourselves to nonprofits we don’t know yet. We’re constantly looking to expand our services and our network of clients.

Jessie: What were your goals for the design, in terms of what you wanted to communicate with it?

Jenn: The design has a lot of layers, and we wanted to use that to indicate that there are many layers to what we do. We also wanted to create mystery, and to ask questions, so that the recipient would ask those questions of themselves. And we wanted to give them enough of an answer to those questions to get their interest, but withhold enough that they’d scan the QR code and visit the website- where we offer more in-depth information. We wanted it to be a little bit of a breadcrumb for them. Each QR code leads the recipient to a blog post on our website that’s tailored to that specific card.

Jessie: I love that you paired the QR code with the phrase “learn some of our secrets”. I think that’s a great way to entice people to go ahead and scan.

Jenn: That’s what we’re hoping for!

Jessie: How was this postcard distributed? Was it paired with other marketing materials?

Jenn: We’re sending out 6 different postcards over 6 week intervals in 2014. We included the postcards in hand-addressed envelopes. Our thought behind it was that most of the time in organizations there’s an admin person who gathers the mail and sifts through it, who doesn’t really have decision making power, but who determines what pieces get passed along to the organization’s executive. We wanted that mailer to make it to the executive.

Jessie: I think that’s a really great way to reach out to an organization. It seems like something that adds a personal touch and communicates that it’s from a real person.

Jenn: Yes, and our goal is to send the cards out and then go visit the organizations we mail to, and just walk in the door, introduce ourselves and get a chance to schedule an appointment with someone on the leadership team. And we also follow up with emails and phone calls; we want them to become familiar with who we are.

Jessie: So you use postcards as kind of introduction?

Jenn: Exactly. By having multiple points of contact, we’re better able to build that familiarity.

Jessie: How do you measure the success of a campaign like this? Is it based on the number of relationships you build?

Jenn: Yes, that’s a big part of it. We’ll be keeping a spreadsheet to keep track of who we’ve reached out to.

Jessie: Most of these postcards haven’t gone out yet, but I know you did send some out during the holidays. What kind of response did those get?

Jenn: The holiday cards were quite different in that they did not contain a QR code or any call to action. They were simply meant to be a holiday greeting and a subtle introduction to :doppio. So, we weren’t expecting any particular return other than awareness. With that said, when I went to a nonprofit to personally introduce :doppio to them, they recognized where I was from immediately because of our card! In fact, they commented on how much they liked it as well showed me where they had it displayed with the rest of their holiday cards!

Jessie: That’s awesome. It sounds like something that had really positive results, and I think that the QR code on this campaign will make it easier to track. That’s the last of my questions, but did you have any other comments?

Jenn: We’ve used Scott to design a couple of pieces over the past few years. We design almost all of our marketing pieces for clients in house, but we stumbled across him by chance when I needed a postcard for a client and I was a little short on time. I was on the website and he happened to be the one who answered in the chat window. He really seemed to understand what we were looking for. We ended up asking him to design a card for another client campaign, and then we asked him to do this one for us. And Alyssa was great, she helped out with the back end details and made sure we got it ordered right and on time.

Jessie: I’m glad to hear that. Thanks again Jenn, and have a happy new year!





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