Postcard of the Week: Donna Fleetwood


Why it’s the “Postcard of the Week”


  • Pictures Tell a Story – The front of the card is used to tell a visual story. The three pictures move from left to right and helps the reader get a feel for the advertised property.


  • Clean Design – This postcard’s focus is on telling a story with the visuals. Having a design that is clean and simple complements the story-telling process.


  • Showcasing Success – Donna uses the back of the card to talk about her recent success. This helps lend her credibility and increases the odds that the viewer will respond.



Donna Fleetwood is a real estate agent with RE/MAX in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. With 26 years of real estate experience, Donna has been recognized as a top 1% of realtors in the United States for her work in Pennsylvania.


Josh Nelson: Thanks for taking the time to speak with me today, Donna. How do postcards fit into your marketing plan?


Donna Fleetwood: There is a stat out there that says that 89% of all houses are sold primarily through the internet. So if that is the case then obviously we feel that having a great website is important. So if you want to get people to your website then you need additional marketing channels to help steer then to either the website or calling you. In this case, postcards fill that role and makes for a great marketing tool for “warming up” a neighborhood.


Josh: So your ultimate goal with postcards is…?


Donna: The ultimate goal with postcards is that they serve as an initial touch point in what hopefully leads to earning a customer’s business. It is harder to get a hold of people today because people are moving away from land line phones and using strictly cell phones. This restricts the ways you can get in contact with them but you can always get a person’s home address. Not only can postcards reach people but because of the quality and visual appeal of the cards people aren’t as likely to throw them away or dismiss them as they are with other forms of marketing.


Josh: Who are you targeting with your postcards?


Donna: I target nearby neighborhoods with postcards.


Josh: How do you determine what neighborhoods to target?


Donna: The main thing is I look at neighborhoods that are candidates for downsizing. That’s the trend right now; people are looking to get out of bigger houses and into something that fits their family and budget better. We also make it a point to send out Just Sold Postcards to all of our past clients so that we remain on their radar.


Josh: I love the way you do the front of your postcards. It feels like you are telling a story. Can you tell me how you came up with the design and your thought process behind it?


Donna: The design itself is actually a RE/MAX template that I really liked. As far as the front of the postcard goes we do try telling a story with it. Usually what I try to do is have the first picture be a curbside shot of the front of the house. The middle picture usually features the best interior picture and the last one is for any special feature in or around the house that we think will be a big selling point for potential buyers.


Josh: What is it about your postcards that appeals to your customers?


Donna: Pictures are definitely the main draw for my audience. If you have great pictures people are going to take the time to look at the card and will be reluctant to throw it away.


Josh: What results are you getting with postcards?


Donna:  Now that you mention it I actually just got a listing from out last batch of postcards. When you are getting commission on a $450,000 dollar house you are obviously happy with what you are getting from postcards.


Josh: I can’t argue with that. I noticed you’ve been doing postcards for about 6 months now. Did you use postcards before then?


 Donna: I’ve been in real estate 26 years and I actually got away from using postcards awhile back. We just started using them again and I’m glad we went back to them. Sometimes you have to go “old school” and get back to what historically works and that was the case with postcards. They worked then and they still work now.




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