Postcard of the Week: Chant Realtors



Why it’s the “Postcard of the Week”


  • Clean, eye-catching design – The text on the front of the card is kept to a minimum, and the turned-up corner adds visual interest. The font is even suggestive of ‘Wish you were here’ vacation postcards.


  • Multiple photos show the beauty of the property – A few choice photographs of the property are displayed in an organic arrangement, showing off the scenic landscape in a way that doesn’t feel artificial or forced.


  • Consistent branding – The Chant Realtors logo has a place on both the front and back of the card, and the bold shades of green used in the logo are reflected throughout the postcard. The result is a postcard that clearly communicates the Chant brand.


Chant Realtors uses postcards to support a 50-year-old standard of high quality real estate marketing


Deborah Bailey is an award-winning businesswoman and marketing maven from Honesdale, Pennsylvania. Her company, Bailey Design and Advertising, worked with Chant Realtor John Schmitt to design this eye-catching ‘Just Listed’ postcard.


Jessie: Thanks so much for speaking with me Ms. Bailey. First, can you tell me a little bit about the goal behind this postcard mailing?


Deborah: Chant Realtors does ‘Just Listed’ cards to get into the community, to let neighbors know that the property was listed and that they have the first option of passing that card on to friends and family members who might want to move into the area. Chant likes to have their marketing pieces look good; they pay lot of attention to what they send out and Chant Realtors has held the standard of sending out not only great looking collateral pieces, but informative ones. It makes the property seller happy because they see that something of quality is being done, and the potential buyer is getting a piece that makes the property look really good. And the printing from is great.


Jessie: So this card was mostly geared towards reaching out to the community. Was the mailing list you used your own or one that we provided?


Deborah: We used a mailing list we pulled from our realtor database. Having the option to upload our own mailing list is great.


Jessie: Can you tell me a little bit about how you came up with this specific design?


Deborah: I wanted to do something different, unique, upscale, and very clean and crisp, as opposed to a gaudy-looking presentation of the property. I didn’t want it to look like everything else out there.


Jessie:  I think you definitely achieved that. It really shows off the property, and we love how clean it looks. Do you know what kind of results Chant Realtors got from this mailing?


Deborah: They usually send out around 100 postcards, and they always get multiple listing calls and have sold many properties using postcards. Plus it’s a good door opener that they use for getting new listings. It just excites the seller to see that Chant Realtors steps up to the plate and makes the property look really good.


Jessie: I always love hearing that people are getting good results from their mailings. Thanks again for talking with me today, do you have any closing thoughts?


Deborah: All I can say is that Chant Realtors really steps up to the plate and consistently sends out high quality postcards for their properties. It helps them and they’re going to continue to do it. Why stop doing something that works?





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