Postcard of the Week: Bii (Beauty Innovation Inc.)


Why it’s the “Postcard of the Week”


  • Catchy Color Scheme – By using a black and white photo Bii was able to set meaningful text apart from the rest of the postcard. This is not only visually appealing but it highlights the main message and any pertinent information.


  • Free Haircut Promotion – The free hair promotional on the front of the postcard provides immediate significance to the viewer when they look at the postcard. By quickly showing the viewer something of value Bii is able to increase the likelihood that the viewer will act on the message.


  • Clean Design – This postcard is not overly cluttered with too many words or images. There is one image and a few lines of text. The critical text is set apart with color to help simplify comprehension.



Founded in 2011, Bii (Beauty Innovations Inc.) is a hair salon located in West Dundee, Illinois. Bii’s work has been featured in magazines and publications such as Teen Vogue, Modern Salon, and the Northwest Herald. Adam Swanlund is a co-founder for Bii and handles the operations side of the business.


Josh Nelson: Hi Adam, thanks for speaking with me today about your postcards. What is your goal when you send out postcards?


Adam Swanlund: Our goal is to ultimately use postcards to bring in more customers. An added benefit is that it gives us increases exposure to the surrounding area.


Josh: Who is your target market?


Adam: We had a very specific segment we went after. We purchased a mailing list from a 3rd party business and from that we were able to target (within a 5 mile radius) women who were 40-50 and had a yearly income greater then 100,000$.


Josh: Your postcard we are featuring is for a free haircut. Is that one of the promotions you have found appeal specifically to that target market?


Adam: Yeah, that has been a great promo for us. The great thing about that is a lot of the women come in and they get the free haircut but then they usually get additional services. That helps offset the cost.


Josh: What other forms of marketing do you do and how do postcards fit into your overall marketing efforts?


Adam: Postcards are a vital cog in our marketing. Our salon is not located in an area with a high volume of foot traffic. Because of this we had to find ways to reach out and bring people in to try out our salon. We couldn’t just hope they would see us while passing by.


Josh: So you have to really be proactive in getting people to come through your door.


Adam: Exactly, and postcards are a great way to do that. We have also utilized online advertisements such as pay-per click. That was where we focused a majority of our marketing budget for 2012. The results were ok but we liked what postcards have been doing so we are flipping our spending for 2013 and focusing on postcards as our main source of marketing.


Josh: What kind of results are you seeing with your postcards?


Adam: Our goal is to have 3 different touches with postcards. We sent out about 900 cards with our free hair cut promotional and of those 900 we had 72 people respond to it. That’s an 8% response rate which we are thrilled with. Many of the people who came in have ended up as return customers so the postcards have definitely made a big impact.


Josh: That is exciting to hear! So when you say you have 3 different touches with postcards do you mean that you are sending 3 separate postcards to the same customer? How much time is in between each mailing?


Adam: Yes, the 3 separate touches means we are sending 3 postcards to the same customer. We try and space the postcards out every 2-3 weeks so that we remain consistent and seen



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