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This week we’ve collected a few tips to help you show your product or service in the best light possible. From mastering your shiny new DSLR camera to hiring a copywriter, we have you covered.

  • Whether your business offers products or services,  writing a great description is critical. Concise and persuasive product and service descriptions can amp up both your online and offline marketing. Try including a few bullet points about your latest offering on your next postcard mailing.
  • Have a brick and mortar shop, but find the idea of building an online store from scratch intimidating? Shopify, Goodsie and Supadupa all make it easy to build impressive, sleek online stores.
  • We’ve talked before about why you should include video content on your business’ facebook page, and Inman has a great list of  tips for choosing a videographer that apply to any industry.
  • Hiring a copywriter is another affordable way to make your products and services stand out. Clear, compelling descriptions of your offerings can inspire customers to buy into your business whole heartedly. Boutique real estate firm Perca has become a major player in their market by spending just $20 a listing on copywriting.

Your customers come back to you again and again for your great products and expert customer service, but sometimes adding a little polish to your presentation is all you need to get them in the door.

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