Link Roundup


This week we’ve gathered a few links about building an authentic brand and making long-lasting connections in both your personal and professional life. We have tips for negotiating with people that drive you crazy, suggestions for reaching new customers, and advice on forging strong relationships with friends and colleagues.

  • The future of advertising lies in storytelling. Check out this amazing example of a brand reaching out to new and current customers alike by showcasing their product in a story. Spoiler alert: The spotlight is on the people in the story, not the brand.
  • On the same note, maybe you’re looking for a way to make connections with compassionate, reliable friends and associates who can help you grow. Check out this beautifully-written article on how to attract people you can count on.
  • If you write a blog or post regularly on facebook, you’ve probably wondered how to discover influential people who want to read and share your content. KISSmetrics offers a handy guide to reaching influencers.

Here’s to reaching customers and associates with ease, communicating more powerfully, and finding success in 2014. Check back next week for another link roundup, or follow us on facebook.


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