Don’t Rely On Luck To Sell Homes

Wearing green feels good. But making green feels amazing.

That’s the mindset every successful real estate agent should have on Saint Patrick’s Day, as millions gather to throw back beers and celebrate the famous patron saint of Ireland. Real estate, after all, is a competitive sport. Accordingly, you can bet while one real estate agent is out having a good time, the next is out drumming up their next big marketing campaign and snatching up prospective clients.

And when it comes to successful real estate marketing, no day is better than a holiday.


Holiday postcards are a great way to keep in touch with past and current clients. According to Zillow, the average person moves every 7 years.  That means there is always opportunity to generate new business. Best of all? Even past clients who aren’t in the market for a new home are a great source for new referrals. However, real estate agents will never know if past clients are looking for a new home or have referrals to begin with, if they don’t first reach out. Postcards are a great place to start.

Staying Top Of Mind

Holiday postcards are also a great way to farm for new business.  Many real estate agents do this by taking advantage of our Targeted Marketing Tool, which lets agents narrow their target demographic by everything from age to income.  To get started, simply choose from one of our thousands of postcard templates or upload your own design. We’ll do the rest for you.

Upcoming Holidays

It might be too late to send Saint Patrick’s Day postcards (if you remembered, kudos to you!). However, that doesn’t mean it’s too late to generate new business. In fact, March is the perfect time to begin.  Not only is it still early in the year, but some of the biggest holidays are still around the corner.  That being said, in order to capitalize on those holidays, you have to start now.

The following are a few popular upcoming holidays that are great for postcard marketing.

April 17 – Easter
May 14 – Mother’s day
May 29 – Memorial Day
June 18 – Father’s Day
July 04 – Independence Day

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To view our latest selection of holiday postcards, click here or call our free VIP Support Team at 800-260-5887.

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