Does Postcard Marketing Really Work? Yes! — and Here’s Why

pile of postcards

In our digital age, some business owners will occasionally underestimate the power of physical pieces of marketing collateral. However, our experts understand the benefits, effectiveness, and impact of print marketing and are here to share why a particular tried-and-true method still needs to be part of your outreach efforts. That method? Postcard marketing.

What Is Postcard Marketing?

Among the most affordable forms of direct mail marketing, postcard marketing is the distribution of postcard advertisements to a targeted audience. Businesses can design a custom postcard to promote a new offering — including products, services, coupons, and more — or simply spread the word about their brand. Then, they can select a certain area target market to mail their postcards to.

What Are the Benefits of Postcard Marketing?

Postcard marketing offers several advantages:

Direct Mail Has Offers Stellar Return on Investment (ROI)

First things first — when any business owner considers adding another arm into their marketing strategy, saving money is not enough; they want to ensure it’s going to surface a solid return on their investment. Fortunately, postcard marketing is an extremely cost-effective way to drum up leads and gain traffic. Direct mail has a median ROI of 29%, placing its ROI in third behind email and social media marketing.

Postcards Are Extremely Versatile

Postcards offer maximum versatility for delivering the message you’re looking to share. Depending on your goals, you can drive recipients straight to your website with a promotional QR code, send out informative surveys and questionnaires, or highlight limited-run products or seasonal offers. Having the ability to make adjustments to your postcard messaging — and strategy as a whole — at no additional cost is an incredible advantage.

Easy to Measure

Tracking how effective postcard marketing efforts are is incredibly streamlined for senders. After all, you know exactly how many were sent and how many new inquiries, leads, or sales were generated. By taking a look at these easy-to-track figures, business owners can tell whether their approach is working. Postcard marketing also offers some real-world A/B testing; you can mail out more modest batches of different offers to similar target audiences and compare the conversion rates.

Postcards Help Drive Traffic

We’re not here to advise that you cut down on your digital marketing initiatives. In fact, quite the contrary! Postcard marketing, when operating in tandem with your social media platforms, website, and even phone number, sparks a symbiotic relationship that gets customers reaching out to you from all angles.

Ready to Kickstart Your Postcard Marketing Campaign?

Whether you’re a shop owner, real estate agent, or restaurateur, reaching your intended audience with high-quality marketing materials is more important than ever, and there’s simply no denying the targeting power of postcards. Make the most of your mailing list — turn to Expresscopy! To learn more about the guidelines for mailing a postcard or laminated postcards, contact us today.